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Friday, September 21, 2007

Raila Reveals His Plan For Looters At A Private Meeting In The US

Raila Amollo Odinga: Next President of Kenya?

I am grateful to Joseph-Oloo Obiero of Denver, USA who has provided this blog with excerpts of a personal interview he carried out recently with ODM presidential aspirant Raila Amollo Odinga.

Joseph Obiero said...

I was one of the fortunate few who managed to engage ODM luminary Raila Odinga after his visit to Denver. I have been resident in the US after obtaining my green card in 1996 and starting my career as a Walmart line stores clerk. I landed home over the weekend and the politics that I’ve found here are as hot as I could not have imagined.

After his keynote address at Denver, I and a group of about 6 friends engaged Raila for about 15 minutes in the hallway next to the auditorium. I will replicate our conversation and his answers. They are not verbatim, but give the gist of all what he said as accurately as my mind can remember.

JO: When you talk broadly about radical changes, can you tell us in specifics, without resorting to generalities?

Raila(R.O): The changes I envisage and that I have promised to address within my first 90 days in office are; Dismantling the cabals of tribalism that are choking our country and resulting in runaway corruption and frustration for the people of Kenya.

Since the Moi era, or 'error' as I call it, prime jobs have been stuffed with semi-literate Kalenjin herdsmen. I imagined that Kibaki would correct this but in fact he maintained many of them, and those he sent home were replaced by his kleptocratic tribesmen. As we all know, 90% of all thievery is perpetrated by one tribe in Kenya and these are the people I must put behind bars and later on catch up with the Goldenberg and the Anglo-leasing – we call it anglo-fleecing – crooks.

J.O: But people see the likes of William Ruto in your team?

R.O: The matter of bringing in corrupt leaders was started by Kibaki, and in truth, do not be surprised if you find that the likes of William Ruto find themselves behind bars after the elections, because he has cases pending against him. I will not interfere with the courts at all. For now, Ruto is a political necessity, but you know in politics we do have blind loyalties and if we are to win this battle, we have to use all options available. With Uhuru running against Kibaki, the Kikuyus will be divided for sure.

Note: This has since changed, since Uhuru joined Kibaki, but I am certain from what I have heard on the ground, the situation is even worse than opposing Kibaki.

J.O: You seem to have won over Western province, with Musalia as a running mate, but are you sure they will not blackmail you like they did Kibaki when Kombo forced certain key appointments on him especially after the referendum?

R.O: In my case, this will not happen. Musalia has a much weaker character in person than Kombo, and you know the joke about humble Luhya servants as cooks and watchmen...Anyway, jokes aside, Luhya disunity is a blessing for us and I would never have wanted it any other way.

Had the Luhyas united, my plans would have been impossible to fulfil because my nomination was at stake, and if someone like Musalia ruled Kenya, he would not be able to effect the radical changes I talk about. His father was a Moi loyalist and even now if you look carefully, Musalia, like Kalonzo, still behaves as if he is beholden to Moi and cannot talk ill of, much less put Moi behind bars where he belongs. Musalia was created by Moi and given his seat after his father's death since Musalia's was one of Moi's key men and a beneficiary of the grand corruption of the day. I am aware of this but I recognize that I cannot get perfect partners, and truly my friends; there is an election to be won.

JO: When are you planning to go back home?

RO: I am scheduled to be back by Saturday 22nd/Sept/2007 and I would wish to take this opportunity to invite you home for Easter next year, and I assure you that it will take you a long time before you interact with the Kikuyu or Kalenjin officials you used to see everywhere—unless of course you plan to visit Kamiti!

In closing, I want to tell you that Hon Muite prepared a long list of charges against Moi and his sons way back in the 90's when we first thought liberation was at hand. That list is still valid in 2008 and you will read about it in the future. Many of these retired Rift Valley barons will spend their last days incarcerated.

JO: How are you prepared to handle the crisis being created by the Kibaki team regarding your involvement in the 82 coup, since they are using media such as the Government owned media and other media owned by friendly partners like Kenya Times to smear your name?

RO: I truly do not regret my role in the 82 coup, in fact I relish my contribution to that struggle. Those who died are martyrs, and every free country; Cuba, Venezuela, etc had its share of revolutionary martyrs. Even here in America! If it was needed, or was an only option, I would do the same again for the sake of my people. We cannot shy from confronting forces of evil by armed means if need be. That was the beginning of the struggle that got Moi out and the continuing struggle to now get Kibaki out. Kenyans have waited for too long to get rid of these dictators.

Joseph-Oloo Obiero, Denver.

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Anonymous said...

In response to Mr. "Joseph-Oloo Obiero's" comments. I guess one can say that the best thing about these blogs is that people can use their imaginations to post lies and create stories. Mr. Obiero do you really believe that anyone really believes that Mr.Odingo would speak so candidly in such an informal setting with a stranger? Nice try but perhaps your time would be better spent reading a book! bang'e

Anonymous said...

This is a gross fabrication whose authors are not as smart as they could have been. If an Obiero exists, he or she should be living in the inner reaches of Kamiti for trying to destroy our country. Whatever has been written is not politics but a reflection of bad manners. Your grandmother should be turning in her grave for allowing you to grow up without proper spanking!! Wabwala

Anonymous said...

Raila is not going anywhere except to Kisumu city to do fishing!

Anonymous said...

There is too much media hype about Raila being popular but this is all just a media hype, go to the ground and you will realize no one needs Raila as president! He has done nothing for Kenyans in his entire time in politics except make empty debe noise and play dirty politics. where are the oil contracts? how did he acquire the mollasses plant? I am reading this blog with a lot of LOL coz you guys are trying to paint Raila as on top of things whereas unfortunately its only his LUO guys supporting him back to fishing in Kisumu! KIBAKI Tosha!

Anonymous said...

I had started reading this blog believing it would give me something different from what I see in the public eye. But this kind of libelous writing can land the editors calling themselves "Joseph-Oloo Obiero" in some murky waters anywhere in the world. Its not difficult at all to trace with precision the origin of the mail and the point from where it has been sent. Some fool wrote non sense in and he is now facing charges. The same could be done to you once proved that this site has an audience wide enough to consider action. Raila has many faults and perceived faults just like most of other Kenyan politicians, but he is always guarded, repeat always guarded in his interviews and off the cut chats. Very much unlike the Pumbavus of Kibaki and Ameiba Mbuzi ya nani? of Moi. I know there some people who will believe this nonsense, the majority even Raila haters will not buy this. Its obvious that the writer is a Raila hater. In fifteen minutes you seem to have remembered a lot of details, and this without a transcript or tape? Thats some feat. Careful not to loose advertisers, unless of course one of them sponsored this garbage. Good luck with your site. Remember to use credible propaganda, not this crap.

Anonymous said...

Chris your full of mucus or puss in your big head!!! How did you even pass your kindergaten grade? basic arthimetic seems to be a nightmare for you. How come you ended up having a breakthough (even though figures are terribly wrong?)... c'mon speak up! dont shit on yourself. Of, course your son did that for you... right? I cant belive your depending on your 2nd grade son to activate your sophomore pea-sized mucus-oozing brain!!!

Using cheap antics like "Joseph-Oloo Obiero" wont wash... and will never wash unless you are from Nyanza. Your bid head always drives you too proud to be at the edge of the clif. No body beleives this shit you post here

Hit the gound nice and realize your totaly wrong, the idiot running (Odinga Dictatorship Movement) cannot even spell his name let alone fight for silly MOU's that cannot put a handfull of Omena on his idiotic clowns!

Walman. Wisconsin

Anonymous said...

This crap came up at Mashada three days before Xris decided to fill this blogspot with atleast something to keep us entertained. We rubbished it with all cost and before long Xris is pasting it here. Xris dont let us doubt your credibility. You will receive all sorts of articles, but whichever you copy and paste is your choice. But you've got to be wise to paste the right one and this one isn't. Sometimes just resist the temptation ndugu.

Anonymous said...

I need not waste my time typing this but even the remotest person interested in Kenyan politics would not buy of your very cheap-it doesnt qualify for propaganda either-its is plain stupid and those who believe it are better not be living coz they are baggage Kenya would do without. The coments are those of a tribal maniac who should go and hung come end December

Anonymous said...

What a mediocre attempt at journalism! Or is it just plain stupidity coupled with a dose of major tribalistic notions. Way to go… take us back to the dark ages. Someone really has lots of time to hash up such a story. One, you got the names wrong, two if by “Walmart Clerk” you were insinuating something, you missed out on that too! Here's a note to those who really don't get what happens behind the scenes. Didn't Kibaki and Moi attend Fidel's (Raila's son) wedding? No matter how much the common folks at either side of the camps fight and sling mud at each other, these guys will always get along. Their quarrels (“ideologies”) is how wealth distribution and corruption is perceived. Unless you're really close to them and know how they move and operate in their circles, your over-boiled political thermostats affects you and your neighbor but doesn't touch them. Quit with the shallow imaginations and thoughts. Just like the saying goes, unless you've got porridge for brains please make responsible comments that better Kenya or just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Just another pro-Kibaki scheme aimed at postponing the inevitable; in a couple of months it will be time for house cleaning at the house atop the hill. But guys, what is the wider lesson here? in my opinion, the current regime and its enablers will stop at nothing to cling on to power forever.A while ago, one of their erstwhile members decreed that they (centralians) would rule until 2017.Be careful what you read and what is the underlying message.The coming elections is a golden window to bring forth a generational change in leadership, banish moism and elitism and take back kenya where it was just before the 2002 elections. it was a time of hope for the future and also a period that practically brought together everyone against a common enemy: MOISM!!

Anonymous said...

The truth will alway hurt. whether oloo is a true journalist or not, his material contains the true picture of hon, Raila. there is nothing good that can be harvested from this man and everyone should rather be prepared that raila is not even going back to parliament. we dont want leaders who are ready to divind our beautiful country into part.82 coup is a farct. no one should spark anger at the mention of such, he destryoyed people's hard earned houses and now he want to bring manjimbo? NO! No in the name of the Lord!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is what I call cheap Kikuyu propaganda. This Oloo name has been fabricated by some stupid kikuyu who wants to mudsling Raila. The biggest mistake Kenyans ever made was to elect Kenyatta and Kibaki as presidents. Kenyatta grabbed land and gave it to Kikuyus. Kibaki has been openly looting the treasury to benefit his kikuyu people. Kikuyus wake up. You have stolen enough. Everything that has a beginning always has an end. Run run run. Amolo will deal with you accordingly. To hell with you bloody kikuyus.

Anonymous said...

There is nobody in Denver called Joseph Obiero. We have videos and pictures of every interview Raila had, even in the hallways. May God strike this imposter with burning fire! This propaganda is so cheap, so stupid and reflects the kicks of a dying donkey.
The Maasais say talangishu to this liar

Anonymous said...

The majority of Kneyans know who Raila Amolo Odinga. If the Kibaki and Moi people had some bad history about Raila believe you me they would have dealt with his big unstoppable campaign machine... they are worried about their tainted past instead.
I think the ordinary Kikuyu need not fear Raila as much as they feared Moi in the late 70's. They would even may be benefit more as they benefited during the Moi era.
But again that is my personal opinion.Let the people decide!
As for the blogger I have seen the same in and had a good laugh while reading it!
Get serious people Raila or any politician cannot do that... I mean that is careless!I bet this guy is not even from Denver.


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