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Monday, September 24, 2007

Is It Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi Or Is It Bila Mwai?

It is said that nothing can capture a heart like a melody can. The seasoned campaigners within ODM know this only too well. Remember the popular Unbwogable number that became the National rainbow Coalition theme song in 2002? Not to mention the corrupted Yote Yawezekana Bila Moi..

It is emerging that this time the Mapambano, Musilale ODM anthem is taking the country by storm and chances are high that Yote yawazekana Bila Moi is set to make a come back only that this time it will alternate with a new release, Yote Yawezekana Bila Mwai.

The massive crowd in Kericho yesterday seemed to thoroughly enjoy Mapambano, Musilale, of course they all got the right musical key from legislator Otieno Kajwang.

Meanwhile the PNU side seem to prefer old fashioned electric guitar music and vigorous dancing with no words, and no song with a message. The case is the same with Hoo Ndii Emm.

Actually the campaign styles of the three major political parties seem to be very clearly emerging and incidentally also tells you a lot about them and what they truly represent, more than meaningless vision statements that have little substance.

Folks if we can keep the peace, it is gong to be a mighty fascinating campaign that will be historical in many ways.

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