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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Open Letter To Raila Odinga From Regular Kumekucha Reader


I don’t really care if you publish this or not; I don’t also really care if Raila Odinga reads it or not; most likely he will: I am very respectful to him, no doubt about this.

I have a few Luo friends and I am also very respectful to them, but there is one trait I notice, and perhaps this will help them, and Raila too, I am not convinced, though, but they should look at this with an open mind.

Those my Luo friends have one dominant characteristic; they do not accept to lose in a discussion, albeit grudgingly. Most people have this trait though, but it is very dominant in my Luo friends. Look at our football in those days of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, look at politicians when they go to Kisumu and they are not approved those days by Odinga and now his son.

Why has it to happen only when Luos are involved? Every adult Kenyan of over 50 years and above can recall what happened in Kisumu in 1966 between the late President Kenyatta and Odinga. Politicians go to all locations in our country even when they are not necessarily liked, but there are no stones or abusive words thrown at them. There is an ungentle spirit controlling these people. There is a bad omen surrounding Luo attitude to whatever is new or foreign or they do not like.

They need to be exorcised of this spirit. Perhaps it came to them in 1966, I am not sure. I have no record or knowledge of their behavior prior to the Kenyatta/Odinga duel. Look at Raila's fights with Wamalwa Kijana etc.

If Raila is to win elections in Kenya, he must start to cultivate a very gentle man’s character and image so that he resembles the likes of Kibakis, Wamalwas, Murilos, and Mois among others.

The latter was the most humble of them all, the only shortcoming being that he was somewhat lacking in higher education. Nevertheless, a most polite and sweet personality.

You cannot say the same of Raila's abrasive character and his late father who could say
anything anywhere any time. Kenyans can read all this in our characters and might not entrust with such a high office as head of state when they are suspicious that he may not be able not steer the ship of the state in the right direction, while keeping his cool.

Please Raila, with all due respect, be warned for to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Otherwise Bravo for what you have done so far.

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Anonymous said...

Writer and Kumekucha readers,

Could not agree more!

This is very true. Look at the recent ODM nominations, Luos were all over the place buldozing everyone else. We all know delegates purportedly from Central and Eastern were luos.

Now ODM is a luo affair and the stars of others have been dimed, they lord it over others. Musalia, Balala and Ruto have since been reduced to mere stooges.

My worry is if Raila forms the next government, he will remote control these guys like he is doing now, a true control freak.

Can you imagine a president-to-be standing up to a multitude and saying ati 'nyani amehara juu ya mti' This is the lack of decorum and etiquette that is Raila.

He is not polished yet for the presidency. Musalia is far much better

Anonymous said...

hey u guyz,Agwambo is coming in as the 4th kenyan president.As much as I am concerned about the Jaluo ATT,lets focus on the main objective of bringing change to this great nation.We all have skeletons in our closets.

Q said...

I think the author of the article was very sincere with his comments, as much as I support Raila, I agree my lakeside brothers need to tone down, they tend to get carried away. I believe Raila's energy is what we need in this country to jumpstart the reforms and fight sleaze.

Lets not focus so much on the "off-the-cuff comments".
How many times has Kibaki called kenyans "mavi-ya-kuku" ?

Anonymous said...

I believe alot of people will definitely agree with the author of this article. I come from Eastern and went to a National Secondary School, then to Maseno National School where I got to mix with alot of Luos. I admire their Language greatly. I can utter a few sentences. I graetly admire Raila for consistently fighting injustices in this country for a long time, sometimes at a big personal sacrifice. I believe he is probably one of the few people in this country who can tame corruption in this country and Luos are not greedy for money but MADARAKA. But I will not vote for him in the Dce Polls. Why? I am deeply afraid of what I will call "LUOISM", that trait descibed by the author of the above article. Some wrote in the Nation newspaper of Fri 14, 2007 that "Luos throw stones in victory and Luos throw stones in defeat".The Chairman of Luo Council of Elders told them to shed this stone throwing behaviour. Raila presidency will see Luos turning very violent and anything is possible with them. Dont be cheated, even guns can not deter an excited Luo. Remember when they pelted armed Police officers in Kibera to submission? Raila displayed that he is a Luo when he was talking about ODM leaders in front of TV cameras and somebody mentioned Nazlin Omar. He flashed angrily for no reason and said " wachana na kumtaja Nazlin Omar wewe" I am very much scared of this LUOISM.

Kwetu ni Mombasa

Anonymous said...

you could never be so right.tell them.

Anonymous said...

This is so true! and this is actually what stems tribalism. I wouldnt vote for Raila as president even as his fellow tribesman coz I know what it would do!


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