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Monday, September 03, 2007

Moi Family Problems In Securing Wealth Abroad

Focus On The Kroll Associates Report

President Sam Nujoma of Namibia: Close family friend of Moi and personally "protects" the assets of the Moi family which has increasingly been invested in that country for safekeeping away from "political interference" or scrutiny by the world.

One of the most shocking things that the Kroll Associates report uncovered is a company called Government Of Kenya. The legal implications here are colossal. It means that the owners of the said company can trade using that name. It also means that cheques made out to the government of Kenya can easily be cashed by the said private company.

According to the Kroll report, the directors of the company called Government of Kenya are former President Moi, Nicholas Biwott, George Saitoti, Sally Kosgei, J. K. Musyimi, Mark Bor and a Mr Deche.

It seems that sometimes in November 2003 there was a meeting at ex-president Moi's Kabarak home which was attended by his sons Philip and Gideon, as well as long serving aide Joshua Kulei. Also in attendance was trusted family lawyer, Dr Kiplagat. The main agenda of the meeting was to explore how best to protect the vast family wealth, both locally and broad from any possible political interference.

If you remember, already by this time there had been threats to have former president Moi write a statement to assist in corruption investigations which was very strongly resisted by MPs from Rift Valley. One of the individuals who strongly defended the former president and urged his colleagues to leave him alone was one Raila Amollo Odinga. This is a documented fact.

Anyway back to the meeting in Kabarak in November 2003. The family lawyer advised the Moi's to keep as much of their wealth and assets as they possibly could overseas. The lawyer pointed out that legally no court order or ruling had been issued declaring the Moi wealth as having been acquired through corrupt or illegal means, which would be required by the government to freeze those assets and bank accounts abroad. They were also advised to use trusts that were experienced in hiding controversial assets on behalf of high profile clients.

However the meeting did not end well. It emerged that Joshua Kulei's own estimates of the amount he held in trust for the Moi family and which he was now required to surrender and estimates of the same by Moi's sons did not tally. The tension got so high that death threats are believed to have been issued against Kulei.

Matters got worse at a meeting later held at Philip's house to try and resolve the misunderstanding over the issue and Kulei made the unfortunate decision to go outside the Moi family to seek for help. It is highly likely that this is the move that caused details of the meeting to leak to those who were not involved. Kulei consulted Mr Tum of the Kenya Seed Company to talk to the former president on his behalf. He told Tum that the crux of the problem was that the president's sons had failed to make any distinction between his (Kulei's) private wealth and that held by the president in trust.

It is unlikely that such a matter will ever end up in court, but even if it was, it is clear that Kulei who was a poverty stricken prisons warder by the time he was appointed to handle the Moi wealth did not have any personal wealth of his own apart from what he was looking after on behalf of his benefactor. Any monies he would have earned for himself during that time would have either involved the use of the same funds he was supposed to look after or at least by virtue of his position. This means that the Moi's sons had a point and all the money belonged to the Moi's since he was paid to do the job.

Incidentally after the Kabarak meeting, there was heightened activity in relation to the family assets in what appears to be a well co-ordinated move to secure the family wealth, which many believe is made of tax payers money and looted assets.

A significant chunk of the Moi assets and fortune in general is now in Namibia where it is under the protection of the former president's good friend and president of that country Sam Nujoma. It is believed that Gideon Moi may transfer (if he has not dome so already) a lot of the family wealth from South Africa to Namibia where the family feel more comfortable and secure to keep their treasure chest.


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