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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Who Killed Kumekucha?

It pays big time to be paranoid. More so when you are involved with the dirtiest trade on earth called politics. In the early days of the Kumekucha blog I took a lot of trouble to craft a fall back plan in the event that somebody would cripple Kumekucha in some way. I even considered the possibility that somebody would assassinate this blogger.

The result is that a number of things were done and I will mention just two. Firstly we created a second Kumekucha site whose only difference in address was the number “1” in front of Kumekucha i.e. The second thing we did was to enable full access to the blog by a few other individuals scattered across 4 continents of the world. This second step meant that the blog would be able to continue even if somebody eliminated the founder.

As the years went by, I started thinking that perhaps I had been too paranoid. But here we are today, on the fall back site of Kumekucha.

So who wants to kill Kumekucha? What are they afraid of? What particular information are they so determined to keep away from the public domain? I answer this question in great detail in my latest issue of raw notes, (how to get that hot issue of my raw notes) however in this post I will give a few pointers.

The stakes for 2012 are much higher than most Kenyans will ever realize. To make matters worse Kenyans are now in permanent shock which makes it difficult for most of us to access and digest the true gravity of the information that we receive. There has been so much shocking news bombarding Kenya in the media in recent times that many have adjusted to the mode of absorbing shocks. And so what would ordinarily be very disturbing news no longer moves most. This kind of situation is very dangerous.

Why are the stakes so high in 2012?

It should be obvious. We have a new constitution that is the process of being fully implemented. But even in its’ current form it should already have had many more casualties than is the case currently. Indeed what is keeping quite a number of very powerful people out of jail is only one thing and one thing alone. And that is the current government. We have a new constitution being steered and handled by the old guard. The masters of impunity. Simply put, the minute the government changes hands to a new order, will be the beginning of the end of some of the most prominent and respectable names known to the Kenyan society today.

These guys will not go down without a fight. And these people are also very much aware of the fact that Kumekucha is widely used as a point of reference by many and a lot of the compromising information on them is available nowhere else but here in Kumekucha.

Then there are some presidential hopefuls running out of time. Some of their close aides will stop at nothing and I mean nothing to make sure that their man ends up in State House in 2012. As you read this former aide to PM Raila Odinga, Miguna Miguna is writing a book that will shake Kenyan politics like it has never been shaken before. Even those Kenyans who are no longer moved by devastating news will be moved by the contents of this book.

Impeccable sources have told this blogger that the main thrust of the book will be to expose Raila Odinga like never before. I have been very reliably informed about some of the details in Miguna’s book and all I can say for now is that folks will never look at the PM in the same way again. But that is a story for another day.

As the 2012 elections draw ever nearer, Kenyan politics is about to sink to the lowest gutters of dirt. What we will start witnessing will make the past look like some kids at play. Oh yes! The shutting down of the Kumekucha site is just the beginning, a sign of things to come. We will even start to see rampant political assassinations (predicted on Kumekucha for a long time).

We at Kumekucha have started taking precautions and even as you are on this alternate blog today, we are making arrangements to rescue the original kumekucha and to also greatly enhance our security. We hope that Kenyans will support us in this noble endeavour.

Find out how you can support Kumekucha and secure its’ future today.

Can you help Kumekucha survive?

Since our inception in 2005 Kumekucha has been at the forefront of Kenyan politics and fighting for change. Most analysts say that the impact this blog has had is sigificant. The truth is that there is no other blog with information that is as explosive as what is contained in Kumekucha.

Little wonder that some people are now very determined to shut down this blog for good. In fact they have succeeded so far because in the last 10 days or so Kumekucha has been inaccessible.

Since inception in 2005 I have never asked for financial help from my readers, not even when I was on the run for my life. But now I have no other option but to appeal to all noble friends of Kumekucha to chip in what they can. It will be deeply appreciated. You can do this by subscribing to my raw notes and telling other Kenyans of goodwill about it and the explosive info regularly published there.

A great way to donate to Kumekucha is to order my raw notes to discover shocking truths about the people behind the current woes of this blog as well as receive all the hot back issues ever produced of raw notes.

Send only Kshs 990 to subscribe to 50 issues of raw notes (1 year) Mpesa the Kshs 990 to my Kenyan representatives' phone 0701 333112. If you are outside Kenya use Paypal to send your $15 to

So You Think Ruto Is Winning At The Hague?

My information on the ground is that there has been plenty of anxiety from Kenyans following the proceedings at the Hague last week with many feeling that the possibility of the charges being confirmed and going to trial for Eldoret North MP William Ruto were pretty slim.

Legal experts are of course of a different opinion. What wins or loses cases is solid evidence and not articulate lawyers playing to the gallery and what Bwana Ocampo has on Ruto specifically is water tight.

Sources on the ground tell this blogger that Uhuru Kenyatta is a very worried man and is looking to use the opportunity his legal team has had of analyzing the other cases before it is the turn of their client to take to the dock, to come up with a legal strategy that will win the day. Again this is bound to be an uphill task for the son of Jomo who seems fairly sure that he can easily be the next president of Kenya in 2012 if this annoying Hague thing can go away.

All in all what should be of great interest to Kenyans are the revelations that will come out when and if these matters proceed to a full trial. Some of the bombshells will make the oath-taking look like real kindergarten stuff.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Unique Business Ideas In Education

Anybody who has been in business for any length of time knows how valuable business ideas are, especially if they are pretty unique. One idea can change everything. A brilliant business idea whose time has come can take off with limited capital injection and fly on its’ own to such dizzying heights that did not even exist in your wildest dreams.

If you are looking for business ideas in education then this is the article for you. If you are still not sure what kind of business idea you are looking for, then this article is still a pretty good start. Hopefully by the end of it you will be brimming with possible ideas you can implement right away. If not we will direct you to a place where you can get more help.

Education and especially the education of youngsters is a lucrative field to venture into where it is difficult to go wrong. More so if you take advantage of problems in learning that have emerged due to modern living. Experts will tell you that the attention span of kids has reduced dramatically and continues to reduce all the time. It is such a serious problem when you cannot hold the attention of those you are teaching long enough to impart the basics.

And yet learning should be fun for it to be effective. If you are one of those folks who believe that you don’t have to enjoy a subject to learn plenty about it, just look at your own life and you will quickly realize that you tend to be good at the thing you love. Stuff that you have such fun doing that it isn’t work.

The world has become a very competitive small village and chances of doing well at anything are almost nil if you are anything less than brilliant at it, whatever it is.

And so by making education fun for kids, you will be altering destinies and having a huge impact on the young lives you touch. There are few things that are closer to the hearts of parents than the education of their children and most will have no problems reaching for the wallets or credit cards to spend on something that will give their young ones a little help.

So if you are looking for business ideas that will put plenty of cash into your bank account and at the same time make you feel fulfilled, then education is the field to target and go for. Indeed competition here is pretty limited and the market and opportunities are huge. And it hardly matters where in the world you are.

All you need to do is find an idea that makes learning more fun. Anything that turns boring class subjects into exciting adventures for youngsters is gold in your purse. Guaranteed!!

Looking for a limitless bank of brilliant business ideas?


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