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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Can you help Kumekucha survive?

Since our inception in 2005 Kumekucha has been at the forefront of Kenyan politics and fighting for change. Most analysts say that the impact this blog has had is sigificant. The truth is that there is no other blog with information that is as explosive as what is contained in Kumekucha.

Little wonder that some people are now very determined to shut down this blog for good. In fact they have succeeded so far because in the last 10 days or so Kumekucha has been inaccessible.

Since inception in 2005 I have never asked for financial help from my readers, not even when I was on the run for my life. But now I have no other option but to appeal to all noble friends of Kumekucha to chip in what they can. It will be deeply appreciated. You can do this by subscribing to my raw notes and telling other Kenyans of goodwill about it and the explosive info regularly published there.

A great way to donate to Kumekucha is to order my raw notes to discover shocking truths about the people behind the current woes of this blog as well as receive all the hot back issues ever produced of raw notes.

Send only Kshs 990 to subscribe to 50 issues of raw notes (1 year) Mpesa the Kshs 990 to my Kenyan representatives' phone 0701 333112. If you are outside Kenya use Paypal to send your $15 to

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