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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Was Karua Raped?

How things change in politics so that yesterday’s bitter enemy is today’s close ally. Nothing illustrates this better than the relationship between Prime Minister Martha Karua and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In the infamous father Wamugunda carjacking incident then Water cabinet minister released her bodyguards and was only accompanied by a Catholic priest, father Wamugunda when carjackers struck. Insider security sources say that in that particular incident the minister was brutally raped which adds credence to the belief that the attack was politically motivated.

Martha is a woman who is as tough as nails and is believed to have quickly brushed aside the horrifying ordeal. If it is true that the minister had a romantic liaison with Father Wamugunda, can you imagine being raped infront of your lover?

At the time Karua and then Roads Minister Raila Odinga were bitter enemies and it is said that Karua made some remarks about her cabinet colleague not being circumcised which greatly irked Raila.

Fast forward to the present and it is no secret that Karua and Raila are constantly in consultation. Political observers insist that it is no accident that Raila’s fallout with Kibaki was quickly followed by Karua’s resignation like a well choreographed musical play.

Sadly it is impossible to confirm the rape ordeal because there are some things Martha simply does not talk about and if you insist you could find yourself in the corridors of the High court (ask Caroline Mutoko and Nyambane). One of those things is her personal life and the carjacking ordeal, I suspect also fits into her strictly-not-to-be-discussed-under-any-circumstances stories.

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