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Monday, September 03, 2007

Top 100 Wealthiest Kenyans Are All Crooks

Today we start a series of articles focusing on the controversial Kroll Associates report leaked on the Web. It makes for some fascinating reading and I feel that it is appropriate that we digest the contents here so that as many Kenyans as possible understand the issues involved here.

We will digest the report on a daily basis until we have gone through the entire thick document. So do not forget to read today's posts.

Meanwhile it is worth noting that the top 100 list of the wealthiest people in Kenya is made up of only crooks or the children of such corrupt persons who used their positions to accumulate wealth. It is now widely believed that the wealthiest Kenyans are the Moi's, Daniel and his favorite son Gideon in that order.

The Kenyatta family also features somewhere in the top ten and most of their wealth is in land as well as the standard 15 per cent ownership that the family took in many major foreign investors coming into the country during the Kenyatta era. This was mostly made up of hotels but also included other types of businesses like industries, banks and so on.

Apart from the prominent families, the rest of the names in Kenya's top list of the wealthiest in the land consist of cronies and sidekicks of the major players.

How can we fight crime and even violent crime in the country when it is clear that so far crime pays in Kenya. Just think about that one, long and hard.

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motosana said...

So what else is new? Hii maneno tunajua lakini we say - better the devil we know. If we vote in a new regime, by the time their tribe kulas (I mean eat) by 2012 the Kroll headline will be 'top 200 wealthy kenyans all corrupt'....haha. We nenda pigia status quo kura

bloggeratti said...

Word has it that in the 'good old' Kenyatta days, a clique of the Kikuyu elite used to invest the Consolidated Fund, reap the benefits, then return it to govt coffers intact. No loss, no detection, no guilt!

Wish Moi were that bright!

Anonymous said...

Bloggeratti you are right. It is said that Kenyatta days can be compared to giving one chicken. The man then rears the chicken - ensures the chicken lays 22 eggs. Then he takes two and gives u back your chicken and tweny eggs. With Moi he takes the chicken and twenty eggs and eats the chicken and all the tweny eggs - end of story

Anonymous said...


Where is the list?

Si you post it for us....


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