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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Narc-Kenya Versus DP: The Crux Of The Problem in PANU

Yesterday a reader left the following comment in this blog;

“The problem with PANU is the sitting MPs. Truth be told, most of them are not going to be re-elected. Whether it's by coincidence or design, they are all in Nark-Kenya. Through guerilla tactics they have been able to get nominations to vie using that party's ticket. Since the situation on the ground is different, their opponents had to look for ways of ousting them in the coming general elections. The option therefore being DP. This explains the differences being experienced in PANU.

In Central province, Peter Kenneth & William Kabogo are almost sure of re-election irrespective of party their party affiliation. The rest have a battle ahead of them. In their quest for re-election they are jeopardizing the President's campaign juggernaut. It will be a tall order to convince them to run on one party. Reason being, they will lose to new comers who can offer what they have failed in the last four and a half years.

Just listen to likes of Joshua Toro, Robinson Githae, Amos Kimunya and you will see that there's more here than meets the eye.”

I could not agree with Mathayo more. In this comment he has described the crux of the problem within PANU. Clearly it is something that is unreasonable.

So what should President Kibaki do? The truth is that he is between a rock and a hard place. If he abandons current legislators supporting his re-election bid it will be political suicide because chances are that they will all troop across the road to ODM and make things even more difficult for him. If on the other hand continues with his current policy of relying on them to help him assemble his troops, he could prove so unpopular that voters voting for the challengers might just end up voting against him. Please note that I have said, vote against the president and not for ODM. There is a big difference and increasingly it looks like Ho Ndii Ema Kalonzo Musyoka will get a surprisingly large and unexpected number of votes from Central province, not because he is popular but as a result of angry voters voting against the President.

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