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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unreleased Reports That Could Bring Down The Kibaki Government

More Leaks Coming Soon?

Hold your breadth.

Impeccable sources have informed me that the leaked Kroll Associates report is just a tip of the iceberg so to speak.

There are 3 more reports out there. Two of them, relevant government officials have and many of them have seen. However, the last one was way too sensitive and did not reach the Kenyan government.

The reports detail to sad story of Kenya where virtually everybody who matters in Kenyan politics is actually a criminal. They also include details on corrupt deals by some of the most powerful people in President Kibaki’s government (no wonder they were pushing so hard for the media bill and other stranger than fiction laws against media freedom).

It is anybody’s guess when those sensitive reports will be released or leaked out into the public domain. I am even informed that one of the reports touches on the highest authority in the land.

Brace yourself for more bombshells soon.

You can breath now, but I can’t tell for how long.

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