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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Joshua Kulei: Humble Prison Warden Who Rose To Be A Multi Billionaire

A friend described a meeting with Joshua Kulei to me that left me dumbfounded.

The man has very limited formal education and when discussing projects like in this case a newspaper property, the man has problems understanding some basic English words that have something to do with industry but cannot be directly translated into Swahili or his Kalenjin vernacular.

Yet his street-smartness and survival instincts enabled him to be one of President Moi's longest serving aides. He is still very much an untouchable because his finances, as we have seen are so closely intertwined with those of the former president that you cannot prosecute him without prosecuting Moi.

Kulei has a brother called Terer Kulei who lives in New York and manages several properties which Kulei owns in the United States. The Kueli's have a reputation in New York of retaining very healthy bank accounts.

It is quite something that a lowly former prison warden has chosen to set up office in the Big Apple where even many wealthy Americans cannot afford to live. And his wealth is growing because he has retained some of the best stock brokers in the world to trade in shares for him both in New York and London.

Terer who is younger than Kulei visits Kenya only briefly and spends most of his time in New York with his family. When he visits Kenya he is usually seen in Kulei's offices in Trans National Bank.

So where did the initial vast sums of money to invest in New York come from?

His pension from the Kenya Prisons pension fund perhaps? I say this because so cocky are these thieves of public funds that when interviewed they deny everything without giving any solid basis fro their denial. They even have the audacity to sue those who dare say anything. Already Gideon Moi has said that he is considering suing the Guardian in London who did an article based on the Kroll report. Maybe the Gurdian legal team should start their defense by demanding that the court ask the complainant how he is able to afford to take legal action in Britain. This would be firm basis of proving that whatever there is in the Kroll report and whatever was published in the Guardian is true and only a tip of the iceberg.

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