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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Advantage Kibaki Will Enjoy If He Fires Nyachae And Mwakwere Now

This government condemning election violence means absolutely nothing. We have seen this kind of lip service before.

In 1991/2 there was plenty of evidence to suggest that the government then was financing the tribal clashes in the Rift Valley. But we saw some very strong statements from President Moi then, condemning the clashes and saying the usual fairy tales—like the government is in control of the situation and so on.

The only thing that can convince Kenyans is action. For starters the president should distance himself from Simoen Nyachae and his actions and a slap on the wrist is not enough. He needs to sack the roads minister. And while he is at it, he also needs to fire his other cabinet Minister Ali Makwere who has given his government a very bad image.

During a live call in show on KTN last week a caller asked the minister about his being sighted at the notorious Koinange street with other politicians. Makwere appears to have lost his head on live TV and answered back sarcastically that he was looking for his mother (the caller’s mother) to make love to. This abusive language from a full cabinet minister on live TV says a lot of things about the quality of the president’s cabinet and the kind of election violence that these sort of characters are bound to promote.

Imagine the consequences of giving such an answer to a mwananchi at a public meeting?

If the president is still interested in competing in the forthcoming elections, he needs to start making his moves now. He needs to spin a new image of a decisive hands on president who can get things done. He has the golden opportunity now by taking action against members of his cabinet.

In my view both Makwere and Nyachae are especially vulnerable now and expendable. If anything sacking them will gain the president many more votes than he will lose just now. Word on the ground is that Makwere is not popular in his constituency and that is why he is very keen to support the president in return for a war chest of cash that is his only chance of seeing the inside of the 10th parliament next year.

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Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to educate these politicians on public relations. They are doing badly.


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