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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mr Biwott Sir, Kroll Report Is Nonsense, So How Did You Make Your Money?

Money is a strange thing. When you have too much of it acquired too quickly through dubious means, it gives you a false self confidence and feeling of invincibility. Chances are that you will start making statements that don’t make any sense.

Keiyo South legislator Nicholas Biwott has dismissed the Kroll report and has gone further to deny any connection to the companies mentioned in the report. He says that he does not even have money abroad.

That’s fine sir. But can you tell Kenyans how you acquired your immense wealth so quickly? Is it a coincidence that you had to wait for Jomo Knyatta to die to start making money like there was no tomorrow. How come your business acumen was not visible during the Keyatta years?

It is rapidly becoming very clear that the political situation in Kenya is just too fluid. Just a few days ago it looked like former president Moi had given President Kibaki a “hrough pass”for re-election. Now it is clear that Moi is excess buggage to the Kibaki re-election bid.

Details in the Kroll Associates report (which I will be analyzing in this blog over the next few days) are very damaging to Baba Gidi, Gidi and many of their cronies. It has attracted international attention and suddenly put Moi on par with disgraced names like Sani Abacha and Mobutu Sese Seko. President’s Kibaki’s handlers must surely know that they have to distance themselves from the former president pronto or else they could suddenly find that the president’s re-election plans are still-born before he even launches his campaigns proper.

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