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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Untold Story Of Mrs Weru And The Karatina Tourist Lodge

What was Mumbi Ngaru, a well-known ODM activist really up to at the now famous Karatina Tourist Lodge when she led the Raila Odinga entourage there? What was she seeking to achieve. Should presidential hopeful Raila Odinga trust people like her in future?

Those are the questions that analysts who know the facts behind the ugly incident are asking.

Investigations by Kumekucha have unearthed a set-up that was engineered by Mumbi Ngaru at the now famous hotel. Or was it just political naivety at work?

The now famous hotel

The whole idea was to get a newspaper headline reading; "Kibaki In-Law Welcomes Raila And ODM To Nyeri." Instead Mrs Lucy Weru, who was alerted of what was going on by somebody in the ODM party (no doubt a traitor or mole) decided that she much preferred the headline; "Raila And ODM Evicted From Nyeri Hotel." Wouldn't you?

Imagine the damage that would have been done to Mrs Weru and her relationship to her powerful in-laws if it had come out that she had welcomed Raila and ODM to Nyeri? The president's own in-law supporting his main rival?

Kenyans have conveniently short memories because it was in Nyeri that Raila was welcomed as Njamba, not too long ago, shorty after the 2002 elections where he had been instrumental in defeating Moi's Kanu after almost 40 years in power. But alas, times change.

The table from whence Raila was given his matching orders

Behind this much-talked about incident is the bigger issue of Luo/Kikuyu relations and what brought them to the level of mistrust where they are today. Incidentally it will be interesting to see what kind of welcome will be accorded to Narc Kenya activists and what sort of heavy security detail they will have with them this week when they are expected in Kisumu over the weekend.

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