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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ODM Entrepreneur Cashes In

As we all said here months ago, the two major ODM-Kenya presidential hopefuls have now officially parted ways. The sickening plastic, forced smiles, as they held hands, fooling the public that ODM was united have finally come to an end and the truth as we always knew it has been revealed for all to see.

Kalonzo Musyoka has remained with ODM-Kenya while Raila Odinga has purchased the first Orange Democratic Party to be registered for an unspecified amount of Kenya shillings. Both parties (seller and buyer of ODM) have of course denied that any money exchanged hands, but that one will be very difficult even for a hungry crocodile along that banks of Tana River to swallow.

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It is highly unlikely that Raila has paid anything below Kshs 5 million for the party. If anything insiders are insisting that it is a double digit million figure that sealed the deal.

The only question that remains now is which presidential candidate Kanu will back. Kalonzo Musyoka or Mwai Kibaki? But already we have our 3 main presidential contenders for 2007. There are, Mwai "growing economy and insecurity" Kibaki, Kalonzo "Hide in the toilet" Musyoka and Raila "Molasses deal with Moi" Odinga. However Kumekucha is still waiting and hoping and praying for the emergence of major candidate number four who will take the breadth of Kenyans away. Keep your eyes focused on this space.

Fascinatingly as Raila Odinga officially received the ODM tools of power, he was visibly angry, signifying that a hefty amount of money had been paid for it. For those who do not have the history, somebody rushed to the registrar and registered a political party called Orange Democratic Party as Raila, Kalonzo and company were still taking their sweet time to get organized. The smart Kenyans' intentions were to sell the party to the politicians at a later date. But for a time it looked like this business venture had failed miserably because Kalonzo and his side-kick Daniel Maanzo managed to get Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya (ODM-Kenya) registered.

But this week the fortunes swung in a very spectacular way in favor of the party-registering entrepreneur after ODM-Kenya chairman Daniel Maanzo and Kalonzo Musyoka ran away with the registration certificate. Raila was suddenly desperate for a political party and not just any political party but one specifically called Orange Democtratic Movement because he felt it was too late to change the name of his brand. The rest as they say, is now history.

Interestingly while the Odinga ODM faction has announced an elaborate presidential nomination process involving delegates from each constituency, the Kalonzo Musyoka faction (with two presidential candidates—Julia Ojiambo and Kalonzo Musyoka) has so far ignored the question of nominating their presidential candidate. Julia has probabl pronounced those magic words; Kalonzo Tosha.

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Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again with your idiotic rumor mongering, eti double figure millions.Probably a rumor you picked off mashada where your ilk thrive.

If you're going to do propaganda, please be smart about it.

Anonymous said...

My ex-class mate etrepreneur, who incidentally also registered New-Kanu amekula. End of story.


Anonymous said...

Chris has been ranting and raving about a third force in the offing. Now that the 3rd Force is here, he thinks there is a fourth force. Anyway, Raila's move has been in the pipeline for some time. It's only Chris, Kalonzo and those NARC K hawks who didn't see it coming. Otherwise, why would Raila, being the "Pucher" (Pusher) he is wait for a miracle from Kalonzo? That some day, KM might change his mind?
Kibaki may be the (short-term) winner in all this but soon that will change.
Chris if you see Vikki, please ask him whether he still thinks KM will win the presidency!!!

Chief Nanga.


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