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Friday, August 31, 2007

2007 General Elections Will Be Held Before Christmas

Several quarters have confirmed that the President has said that he would like Kenyans to enjoy their Christmas holidays this year without any approaching elections over their heads. In other words, he is looking for an election date before Christmas.

Analysts believe that it would have to be shortly after Jamuhuri day (independence day) which falls on December 12th. This makes our countdown a little complicated, (does it not, Bwana Luke?)

Since 1992 and the re-introduction of multi-party politics, the general elections have traditionally been held shortly after Christmas and before the New Year. Incidentally this kind of arrangement allows for maximum participation as most Kenyans are in their rural homes at that time. However holding the elections shortly before Christmas will serve the same purpose because most Kenyans will then take an early holiday to be in their rural homes to vote just before the most widely anticipated holiday in the Kenyan calendar.

MPs have recently expressed fear that the manner in which the government is rushing forward house business in parliament suggests that the president is about to dissolve the house in preparation for the general elections.

The president's rigorous campaign schedule at Mombasa over the last few days that has involved a lot of walking and shaking of hands (two things the president hardly does) would also add credence to the theory of an earlier than expected general election.

However realistically speaking, the earliest the elections can be called for is late November. Folks did you realize that we are already in September (in a few hours time). How this year has flown by!!

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1 comment:

Vee said...

In my opinion the elections should be done end November so that we can settle from the results, enjoy Jamuhuri, close work and enjoy the festive season to the fullest.


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