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Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Do Musalia Mudavadi's Loyalties Lie?

In 2002, Musalia Mudavadi made a very painful decision which he knew would lose him the elections. He decided to stick with Moi during an hour of need for Kanu and the old man. For that decision he was hurriedly appointed Vice President and went into the record books as the shortest-serving VP in the history of Kenya.

Now Mr Mudavadi is very upset at the rumours doing the rounds that as soon as he loses his bid to be the presidential candidate in ODM, he will head straight back to mama na baba Moi. A visibly angry Mudavadi told the Mombasa people that those rumours were nothing short of ridiculous. But are they?

Would Mudavadi really refuse to give Baba Gidi a helping hand? He did as he was told 5 short years ago, what should stop him doing the same this time round? You see the Mudavadis and the Mois go a long way back. Musalia's dad, Moses Sabstone Mudamba Mudavadi once promoted Daniel Moi to a P3 teacher and Moi never forgot. In fact Misalia and former president Moi are related through marriage.

It is very possible that the so called "leaked story" of Moi's strategy for Rift Valley involving the Luhya community could be pressure on Raila Odinga to say Musalia Tosha. I say this because Moi's strategy has never "leaked" before. Why now? Folks, chances are quite high that the leak was deliberate. Moi knows that Raila is a strategist who hates to lose and the idea was to pressurize him to give up the presidential nomination to Musalia by making that now famous "Tosha" declaration which the son of Kalonzo called Musyoka had waited for and dreamed about for so long.

The truth is that neither of the ODM parties are popular in Western province and if Musalia does not get the ODM nomination, even the parliamentary seat he seeks will be in doubt. More so if Cyrus Jirongo's Kaddu fields a candidate, which they must.

We already know that Kaddu is a sister party to Moi's Kanu, so chances are still pretty high that Musalia will end up on the Kanu side. I am told that Cyrus Jirongo and Mr Mudavadi do not like each other.

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