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Friday, August 31, 2007

Carjackings have Ended In Nairobi—Mutua

In his weekly press briefing this morning, government spin-doctor, Alfred Mutua said that carjackings were now a thing of the past in Nairobi and no longer exist. What???

While it is true that they have greatly reduced, making such a sweeping statement is surely premature and highly misleading from a government spokes person. More so when we all know that many other types of violent crime (hardly reported in the mainstream media, and we know why) continue just as before.

This is a cheap campaign gimmick.

Another gem from Mr Mutua was when he said at the same briefing that his research has shown that the most favored tribe in government appointments in president Kibaki's administration are the Luhya community.

Oh please sir, don't abuse the intelligence of Kenyans.

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1 comment:

coldtusker said...

How much does mutua get to pedle these lies?


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