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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sexual Harassment Is A Criminal Offence Plus Why Porn Poster Needs Professional Help

The net can be a dangerous place. It is fairly easy for anybody to fall into the trap of porn addiction and by extension sex addiction.

A professional has presented me with a fascinating profile of the porn poster who has been at work in this blog. I must admit that at first I assumed that he was a serious agent of certain interests out to ruin this blog and everything that we have built here. However it is rapidly emerging that it is somebody who badly needs professional help.

Sex and porn addiction, I was shocked to discover, many times affects people who have serious sexual deficiencies so that they quickly reach a point where they are not able to have normal sex without the help of hard drugs or certain sexual enhancing and libido boosting aids.

I know it is very embarrassing but I appeal especially to my brothers who read this blog who have a habit of frequenting porn sites to seek professional help. By the way sexual addiction which has been closely linked to porn is a recognized illness. Don't laugh.

Having said that and without suggesting anything about anybody, I want to appeal to Kalamari to stop harassing female bloggers in Kumekucha. Sexual harassment is a criminal offence even in Kenya (with the passing of the new Njoki Ndungu Bill) and besides the cornerstone of Kumekucha is respect for other Kenyans and especially those who have been downtrodden and treated shabbily in the past, and that includes women.

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