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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some Voters Not Happy With Kibaki In Nyeri

I have just had a rather fascinating discussion with a Kenyan who hails from Nyeri.

He got very upset when I jokingly declared that folks in Nyeri must be having it good just now.

The stories he told me shocked me and I half suspected that they may not all be truthful, although deep inside I suspect it is all true.

There was a time not too long ago when Nyeri was the bread basket of Central province. Folks were doing very well in this town. Now what has happened in the rest of the country has not spared Nyeri. People are desperate and ordinary folks are sleeping hungry. The rich tycoons in Nyeri are getting richer by the day, but the ordinary folks are getting poorer by the minute.

Little wonder that the political temperatures in the place are extremely high as was witnessed by recent Narc-Kenya branch elections.

So how will they vote in the elections, I asked. Most votes will of course go to Mwai Kibaki. One positive thing about the Kikuyu of Nyeri is that they are very keen on their sense of duty and the right thing to do. Still there is an increasing number of voters who will not vote on principal because they do not see anybody worth voting for. My informant insists that they could be as many as 5 per cent. These are mostly young people who have recently gotten their voter’s cards.

A big complaint these young people have against the incumbent and his fight against Mungiki is why he his fight is concentrated on the body of the snake when everybody knows the quickest way to kill a snake is to hit the head. In other words, the government knows the financiers of Mungiki, but the people being arrested are foot soldiers and young people looking to eck out a living during very difficult times.

I’m sure most of you will find this info about Nyeri as fascinating as I found it.

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