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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Political Circus That Is ODM

Guest post by Kinuthia WaMwangi

For almost five years, some leaders have carried on a sustained hate campaign punctuated with vitriol, contempt and fractious politics.

It is not difficult to imagine that this has something to do with breach of trust based on a piece of paper known as the Memorandum of Understanding between individuals who agreed to share power in a certain fashion back in 2002.

It may also be based on a feeling of self-loss after an individual scored an own goal by uttering the phrase "Kibaki Tosha." This quixotic self-deceit that one denied oneself the chance to be in State House undermines the intelligence of voters who overwhelmingly chose the person they wanted to occupy it.

Unfortunately, the deceit was packaged and delivered to Kenyans who swallowed it lock, stock and barrel. It has been used to peddle a regime-change campaign full of vitriol.

The media led the way by praising the rational distribution of government posts according to diverse national interests, but this
Was rebutted by the individuals who felt they had lost. They immediately started bad-mouthing the fledgling Government. Lack of goodwill among the leaders ensured the Government lurched from one crisis to another. Some Government ministers ignored collegiate responsibility and openly refused to carry out their mandates, while blaming the Government for not carrying out its electoral promises.

The contest was actualized through the constitutional review process which gave an opportunity to the disputants to remove their velvet gloves and tackle each other with bare knuckles. This was seen as an opportunity to exact revenge. On Monday, August 13, Mr Raila Odinga gave a TV and radio interview in which he defined the Orange Movement as social democracy. He described social democracy as the provision of better infrastructure in the form of roads and railway extensions, conversion of Mombasa into a free port, promotion of private-public partnerships as catalysts of development, free secondary education, improvement of the quality of primary education, and promulgation of laws to facilitate devolution of power and resources to the local levels of government. He also promised to raise economic growth to 10 per cent.

This is a regurgitation of the Kibaki Government's programmes. There is nothing new. The railways system is now in private hands, thus promoting public-private partnerships. The company has undertaken to revamp the railway system in Kenya and Uganda with new extensions. A new railway line is earmarked for southern Sudan.

The Government intends to make Mombasa a free port. It will also connect Kenya to the Southern Sudan through a new port in Lamu. Kisumu will also become a major inland port. There will be free secondary education in 2008. New teachers will be employed to improve the quality of primary education.

The latest projections show that the economy will hit the 10 per cent mark before 2009 under the Kibaki Government. The Draft Constitution, which Mr Odinga dismissed as takataka (rubbish), contained the best devolved government structures. It was also a women's constitution.

Courtesy of Mr Odinga and his Orange Movement, Kenyans threw away
The baby with the bath water. Women lost everything they ever hoped to
gain. Orange is neither a movement nor an ideology but a Trojan horse
used to acquire raw power. It should be seen for what it is.

THE CREATION OF ETHNIC coalitions to isolate and exclude the perceived ruling ethnic cluster achieved by dangling a fake carrot of presidential candidacy from each tribal grouping. Unleashing of propaganda on the failure of Government. Sabotage of Government efforts both inside and outside the country to show that it has failed.

Doublespeak where both consensus and election mean unilateral declaration. The creation of provincial presidential candidates was a Machiavellian design for searching and destroying prospective hopefuls from all regions.

The Orange is a coalition of wedges bound together by an outer skin. Each wedge is a complete entity. The Orange has shed the skin and the wedges are claiming their individual identity one by one. Mr Kalonzo Musyoka has shown the way.

Others will follow. The bubble has burst and what we are witnessing is a Tower of Babel.

Mr Wamwangi is a lawyer and an expert on regional local government.

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Anonymous said...

umesemaka ukweli kidogo. siasa is all about power. is that a problem? swali tu, pray what is on the narc-k side and gema lynchpins of kibaki-nomics. is it not about retaining power and using it as they wish. usifkiri sisi ni wajinga.

Anonymous said...

As we debate the forthcoming elections, I think it would make sense to remember these prophetic words by Bob Marley from the song "Ambush in the night:" He sang:

See them fighting for power

But they know not the hour

So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money,

Trying to belittle our
Integrity now.

They say what we know

Is just what they teach us;
And we're so ignorant

'Cause every time they can reach us
Through political strategy

They keep us hungry

And when you gonna get some food

Your brother got to be your enemy

bloggeratti said...

It's all about power. Has been, and always will be about power.

Anybody who thinks 'Maisha Bora' ODM or Pro-Gava parties have a burning desire to help the ordinary wananchi has either 'lost his network' or is seriously lacking in grey matter.

Like I've said before, were choosing between a Vampire and a Werewolf. One (Emilio & Co.) will slowly suck the life out of us while the others (ODM and ODM-Kalonzo) will shred us to pieces in their blind greed.

Fine, Raila does have a spotless track record in public service (especially his brief stint at Roads which was marvelous), but the Ex KANU vultures hanging on his coat-tails are the jamaas that worry me the most!

Njeri said...

I hope this nincompoop reads the comments made after posting whatever that was.

Firstly, we all know the reason the MOU existed is that the politics of this country, propagated by the two idiots we had in power earlier (read Kenyatta & Moi), has resulted in a situation where the people of any given region only benefit when the sons of their fathers are in key positions in government. All the way from basic amenities such as education and water to the bigger quarters of improved infrastructure. Of course, at the same time, the people in those positions also reap personal benefits.

Secondly, Raila did not simply coin "Kibaki tosha", he ensured that we all felt Kibaki tosha. While Kibaki was writhing in pain, no fault of his own, Raila was his foot soldier. Running around popularising the Kibaki administration. (At that time Kibaki didn't seem to mind Raila "akipiga kelele").

Thirdly, the lack of collective responsibility resulted from the president's lack of direction or interest, whichever, in the bug that was ailing HIS cabinet. If he had been man enough to face the problem head on and solve it either by firing the opponent's early enough or giving in to the MOU, he wouldn't have been the laughing stock of all of Africa. Till now the man can't control his ministers and assistants that they can have name calling matches in public - note: that is after LDP rebels were kicked out, so don't shove "collegiate responsibility" down our throats as an opposition led problem.

Fourthly, Kibaki himself, shook on that MOU, and only refused to honour it saying it was never on paper. Moi, himself, the midless dictator honoured minimum reforms that were put across by the opposition in his time, Kibaki was part of that opposition. Now he knows how to say "it was never on paper!!" Hata kama! That's one thing he didn't learn from the retired president. Talk about taking the skunk home and leaving the sheep grazing.

Oh how so are the "provision of better infrastructure in the form of roads and railway extensions, conversion of Mombasa into a free port, promotion of private-public partnerships as catalysts of development, free secondary education, improvement of the quality of primary education, and promulgation of laws to facilitate devolution of power and resources (ha ha ha ha ha ha.... tell that to an idiot)to the local levels of government" a regurgitation of Kibaki's govt. programmes. It would be nice for the "guest post blogger" to note that these were NARC promises. Of which Raila was one of the drafters and contributors. You can't steal from yourself. Let Kibaki and his pundits stop riding on a fallen dream and blaming the rest for saying they will enforce them. By the way as we speak, how many of this are in operations?? Kenya does not need intentions.... we need fulfilment. Not in 2009, now. 2030 hata Kibaki hatakuwa....

As for the draft constitution, that was just one of the piece of the junk that the Kibaki administration has thrown at us. How dare they sell us a broken bench covered in velvet and expect us to believe that they would ammend any contentious issues after. Haven't they reneged on the promises of killing corruption, decentralising resources, improving infrastructure and availing resources to the marginalised. Ati sasa tuwaamini.... HECK NO!! They should not blame the opposition for the failure of that joke. Raila and Ruto did not vote alone. We, the wanachi spoke!

Finally, if what we witnessed on Saturday was not democracy, I don't know what version of Webster or Oxford Mr. Wamwangi uses. What would he call the conglomeration of unkowns fighting to be supported by the incumbent??

On my closing, we voted in Kibaki in 2002 on a 70% majority. We were neither Kikuyu nor Kamba nor Dholuo. We were Kenyans. (Now we are back to facing off on tribal basis.) We vowed to angamiza KANU, it's fathers and it's illegitimate products. (Not only is KANU back as a party with a face, Moi is backing and advising Kibaki.) We voted for zero tolerance to corruption. (But now we are facing the same ghosts all over, some are even preaching salvation and running for president on the KENDA ticket.)

Someni lebo... who's fooling who??


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