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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can A Man Live On Oranges Alone?

Guest post by Michael Too

Living on oranges alone
Yes! Kenya as a nation is back to its highes heats in Politics.
We have President Kibaki in power, struggling to retain leadership. Behind him is a self proclaimed professor of politics, Mr. Moi (Read 24 years in power), emerging strongly and drumming support for an unnamed party and condenming ODM. On the other hand Mr. Raila and his allies are moving swiftly to every part and corner of this great nation trying to pasuade Kenyans with oranges that under his leadership, things will be fine, very fine, finer than before. Unlike during the referamdum, where we got full oranges, this time, we are getting half if not split oranges.

Where did Robert Go?
Kenya lost a big brother named Roba (Hon. Robert Ouko). The only professor in politics will not like this mentioned. It was always na hiyo ni maendeleo even if a cabinet minister goes mising for several days. We lost an inteligent Mboya in almost a similar way Roba left us. Bishop Muge, Mr. Seronei name it-this list is endless. When former Baba wa Taifa goes round telling us to vote so and so and not so and so, in other words, he is reminding us of all unmentionale things that happened during his era Kwa hivyo afyate mdomo wake na aendelee kujienjoy kwa retirement.

Story ya mamluki?
Given a chance, i'm quite sure Mr. Agwambo will vivvidly address this matter perfectly well if he rises to the so called "Top of the hill". Taxpayers money was used to form a commission that loked into this matter , later, a report was given and after that the rest is history.There were other commissions formed but untill n ow now, Kenyans are left wondering what became of them.

Economically, within five years in power, President Kibaki is seen to be very smart. Yes! we are talking of around 6% of economic growth but do the ordinary wananchi feel this?.If to some Kenyans, putting food on the table is still a nihgtmare, then we have no business talking about economic growth. May be this applies to those in power and re-eyeing for power.

Tribal politics
Ask me about my tribe, i will tell you that i'm a kenyan. If we form an alliance or a coalision if you would put it so, comprising of four or five or six or seven presidencial aspirants and try to convince unsuspecting kenyans to support you, then you are doomed if not mistaken. We have over forty ethnic groups in Kenya and only seven or so are representented in those polical benches then who is representinting the remaining thirty three? Please think of another power acquiring tactic- Kenyans are now awaken and even smart now.

Internal insecuty ministry
We hear of Munkigi, Sabaot land defence force, North eastern raids, Crime in the city name it. A democratically electected government will not condorn this. Precious and innocent lives are lost every day and still no serious action taken. Bwana Karume please do something Sir.

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Anonymous said...,,2159757,00.html

Anonymous said...

Chris, no single issue of this Blog is without the name Tom Mboya. Why cant you say whatever you want to say once and for all. Alot of brilliant Kenyans died under unexplained circumstances. This should not have happened in a civil society and we hope it will never, never happen again but your obsession with Tom Mboya is becoming a little bit too much. Come on, be a amn and say what is on your mind. Or is this your way of campaigning for ODM discreetly. Then your slip is showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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