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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why We Must Vote Out Entire 9th Parliament

A new survey shows that 90 per cent of the current MPs will Not retain their seats. I say that this is not good enough. All Kenyans should rally behind a campaign to ensure that we vote out the entire lot (100%) come this December.

I will give just 3 solid reasons;

i) While the rest of the poverty stricken country starved, this parliament not only passed hefty remunerations allowances and benefits for themselves (including free house grants), but they went ahead and enjoyed it oblivious of what was happening in the rest of the country. Meanwhile ordinary Kenyans have seen unprecedented price hikes of many basic food commodities and some of these hikes have been engineered by greedy businessmen who have manipulated the distribution of products like sugar and have pocketed certain legislators to ensure that their evil plans to fleece the ordinary Kenyans go through. As I write this most Kenyans can no longer afford a soothing cup of tea of nothing else at the end of a long hard day. No single MP even one day offered not to receive their huge immoral salary in protest. No single MP donated even part of their huge salary to help the people of Kenya through their difficulties.

ii) To add insult to injury, MPs have recently attempted to sneak in a generous golden handshake for them all at the end of their term this year. Peaceful protests by members of civil society were answered by police brutality and arrests.

iii) This 9th parliament conspired and unanimously (with support across party lines) passed the controversial and unacceptable Media bill, which now awaits the President's signature to become law. If passed, this law will make it impossible for any future scandals involving corruption in high places to ever be published.

There are many other very good reasons to send the whole lot of our current legislators home, but let us focus on just those 3.

There is no doubt that there are some good legislators in the 9th parliament. However Kenyans should bear in mind the fact that when one is removing a cancer some good flesh is usually cut out together with the bad (the cancer). This is what Kenyans must do in December. For us to get a fighting chance of getting a new beginning, we must vote out THE ENTIRE CANCER in December.

Visit a campaign page soliciting support for this initiative and leave a comment. Please indicate if you have a valid voters card and if you will vote in this year's elections.

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Waititu Warima said...

I certainly agree with you mzalendo. The entire 9th parliament needs to go home, they're dragging Kenya down. Question is: How can we make this happen?

Anonymous said...

70% will be voted back in coz of the nature of us kenyans when it comes to voting, we quickly forget the immorals the MPs have done and quickly engage in tribal voting.

bloggeratti said...


For all you know, the unsavoury characteristics they exhibit in parliament and public may be a reflection of what actually exists on the ground (read, the people they represent).

Elections and parliament is a game of musical chairs. We'll vote out these clowns, yes, but replace them with even hungrier clowns!


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