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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kamukunji Is No Man's land For Norman

Rowdy Kamukunji constituents do not want to hear a single word from their current MP Norman Nyagah. They loudly jeered and shouted him down during the Narc celebration rally at the historic Kamukunji grounds last weekend. Several times, he tried in vain to speak and even bravely attempted to shout above the din, however it proved impossible and he had no alternative but to sit down dejected.

It is now very clear that Kamukunji constituency is no man's land for Norman. One wonders how the poor guy will campaign against a very crowded field of eager candidates that is still growing by the day. One option would be for him to relocate elsewhere in Nairobi (but where?) or alternatively head back to Gacoka (where the situation will be much worse because apart from his big brother seeking re-election, inside information has confirmed to this blogger that long-serving and respected former NCCK chair, Mutava Musyimi is also eyeing that parliamentary seat and what's more, he has the full blessings and backing of State House. That will surely make the little matter of a Narc nomination extremely complex for Norman.

Poor Norman Nyagah, it seems that there is nowhere to hide. But don't worry, mheshimiwa, many of your colleagues will face exactly the same predicament. Your advantage over them is that you have known early and can therefore plan accordingly. Like you can work hard to make sure that the bill through which MPs could endorse their controversial golden handshake has already sailed through the second reading and now goes to committee stage. The necessary amendments are going to be sneaked in, in the committee stage. MPs have sworn tupende, tusipende, they will get the money most of which they have withdrawn already and spent.

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