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Friday, August 03, 2007

Cops Fix Ngilu

Despite the fact that Health Minister Charity Ngilu has spent the better part of today in police custody at CID headquarters as well as yesterday afternoon, police commissioner Major General Ali had a clarification for the press today during a heated press conference session.

The Minister is not under arrest and neither is she being detained by the police, he said. She is simply assisting the police in investigations.

This is a new revelation by the police commissioner which means that next time the men in blue pick you up at the local kiosk with sukuma wiki bread and milk in your hands and ask you to accompany them to the police station (so that you can bribe them for your freedom) and you are as principled as Kumekucha is and spend the night in the cooler, don't tell people you were arrested by police. Tell them you were assisting the police with investigations.

So why has Ngilu been "assisting the police with investigations" for the whole long day? There are different stories the police are giving. One says that the police are waiting for orders "from above". The other is that police are still preparing "very serious charges" against the health minister. They must be so serious that they require endless analysis and debates in compiling them which will take a very long time as the minister misses her official duties that are important to the benefit of all Kenyans.

Maybe somebody wants to make it 500 counts or 1,000 counts so that it takes another whole day for somebody to read it out in court. You get the drift? The Health minister may have broken the law but charging her is not enough, she also has to be "fixed." I am reliably informed that when you make a fool of the police anywhere in the world, this is the "normal procedure." Ngilu's biggest crime it would seem was outsmarting a whole bunch of police officers including the burly "Funga Ngait" chap and sneaking Ann Njogu out of the dreaded Central Police station (see my other story to discover how Kumekucha was a visitor of the State and there once and why I have used the word "dreaded.").

The laws of a country are there to protect the people. But when those laws favor a certain clique and class of people, then the citizens have a right to defy those laws. The same justice system has to date not been able to prosecute the killers of Dr Robert Ouko despite the fact that there is enough evidence available to do so. Very selective this so-called justice system of ours. That is my view.

Ngilu's real crime was that she ventured into Kenya's "no go zone". Kenya's no go zone is where people sacrifice to fight for the rights of the ordinary, voiceless, frightened hungry citizen. Ann Njogu, a brave patriot that Kumekucha salutes started the whole saga by making the decision to go to parliament buildings to protest against the immoral and heinous thing our so-called MPs want to do of giving themselves a hefty bonus. When she took this action, she crossed the line and became a target of the government. Ngilu also crossed into this dangerous zone when she sided with Ms Njogu and released her from police custody where she was being mistreated and generally being handled badly. If it is true that her injuries were from the accident that the police car had while ferrying the arrested Civil society activists, then why was she not in hospital? What was she doing at Central police station?

If she was fine at the time Ngilu found her at Central police, then why did she have to be taken to hospital by the Health Minister immediately after the dramatic rescue? What did the police do to her to warrant this?

Thank you Ann Njogu and your colleagues. Kumekucha salutes you. Thank you Mrs "Jack Bower" Ngilu, Kumekucha salutes you. Ladies you are true patriots. Be encouraged. Your actions were not a cheap publicity stunt. Being brutalized and harassed by the police does not come cheap. Yours was a patriotic action that will be recognized as such one day. Take heart, Kenya shall be free soon.

I am reliably informed that the boss at Vigilance House regularly reads this blog. My advice to him (in case this is true) is that as much as he hates politics and believes that journalists are not very bright people (including Kumekucha), is that there is a change of government that is coming very soon.

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