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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Woman Reveals Nasty Men Habits Nobody Talks About

Research by a woman friend has revealed some rather nasty habits Kenyan men tend to have but which are rarely if ever discussed.

As usual, here in Kumekucha we do not fear to discuss anything. Being well aware of the inevitable reaction we will get from our male readers, here goes.

Men from mostly Western Kenya, are fond of this very irritating habit. Have you ever been close to a man that constantly holds and touches their private parts in public? As they are talking to you, as they are reading a newspaper and even as they talk into their cell phone? They cap them, caress them and do all sorts of disgusting things to them in full public view. A woman may get very wrong signals from a man they meet for the first time and maybe read some mischief in this habit. But the truth is that, they are used to this habit and it does not matter if they are talking to President Kibaki or the maid, they just can't help touching themselves constantly as they speak.

What about men who constantly pick their nose? I knew one who would follow up the activity occasionally by examining the contents of what they had extracted from deep inside their nose and then they would toss it into their mouth and start chewing at it. Yuck!

Then there are those men that some unfortunate women date who talk with their mouths full of food. More so food that they have already chewed. Naturally this would make anybody seated on the same table promptly lose their appetite.

My lady contact describes a rather intimate encounter where her man woke up and put his underwear that they had tossed on the side of the bed the night before close to his face to blow his nose. And specifically the area that holds the backside. Yuck. The horrible things that women have to put up with!

But what beats all these descriptions of nasty men habits is the tale told by a friend about an American business partner that visits once a year to check out the business they run with her husband. The guy is some sort of miser and despite being a millionaire always lives with them in the house for the month or so that he is around instead of staying at a hotel. The Interesting thing is that he loves Kenyan food like sukuma wiki, Ugali and even Githeri.

Now this white American guy (married with teenage children) leaves all his clothes to be washed by the maid, including his underwear. And it is this latter piece of clothing that caused so much trouble recently to the point where the house help wanted to suddenly leave her employment. Trouble started when the maid who was only a few weeks old on the job was given the American business partner's clothes to wash including his under wear (Americans wear boxer shorts) and noticed that the man obviously did not wipe himself properly after a visit to the toilet. There were clear smelly signs of this on the underwear. The new maid was not amused.

But the American had been visiting for at least four years or so. Meaning that the previous maid washed the stuff without any complaints. Like many wives do for Kenyan husbands who were never toilet-trained properly when they were young.

The bad habits that women have to bear in their men are numerous, only that most choose not to talk about them.

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Anonymous said...

This story is just cock and bull, meant to tarnish the reputation of kenyan men. I agree that we do have a few peculair habits, but the chewing of makamasi is just overboard hata kama tuko na ushamba kiasi gani. For your information, kenyan men are very enlightened nowadays; we do our own washing when it comes to inner garments! Kenyan men are not such demons as potrayed, they are not that irresponsible. How about highlighting our women and their traits for a change?

Anonymous said...

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones your story about "nasty kenyan men habits no one talks about" is pure feminist let me reveal some nasty kenyan female habits we never talk about...

1. Foul smelly female private parts...
do kenyan women know the meaning of the douche? vaginal douching...
Get into a matatu in kenya on any hot afternoon, and the vehicle has that distinct smell- viginal odor... do you want to tell me that all these women do not know how to wash their private parts? either that or they all have a yeast infection.

2. Gold diggers...prostitutes and black widow spiders who poison their mates... are all traits found in many kenyan women.

3. Kenyan women and foreigners...It is common knowledge that many kenyan women will do ANYTHING to sleep with a foreinger...some of them are treated worse than shit by this foreign males, some have been turned into prostitutes, and afew have been killed but they still go back for more...and finally after they have been used and discarded, they come running back to kenyan males...advice to my fellow brothers don't have anything todo with these used-up, manipulative, conniving, parasitic, females.

4. I could go on and on about the negative traits of many kenyan women but why bother...remember you started it.

Anonymous said...

Nilikuwa na kimluhya kina hizi tabia


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