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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible? And Other Amazing Stories About The Controversial Male Organ

If you have an email address then chances are that by now you have gotten absolutely sick of SPAM messages in your inbox about penis enlargement miracle solutions. One thing this should tell you immediately is that penis enlargement products are extremely popular and that despite what you may have heard, size really is everything.

So is enlargement of this male organ possible? From the intensive research carried out by this writer, the answer is "NO" and so you will just have to make do with what you have and you should not throw your good money into buying anything online that promises to do the impossible.

The most popular trick used by promoters are concoctions that clearly give a harder and firmer erection which gives the illusion of a larger member, but the truth is that size does not change. Can you change the size of your hand? When you discover how to, then maybe it will be possible to change the size of this organ.

There are those who believe that stretching exercises work however the danger here is that the ligaments can easily get damaged and leave you in a worse state that when you started. The most dangerous here are weight devices that hang supposedly to cause enlargement. Chances of deformity instead and ligament damage are extremely high here. There is also the fact that these exercise devices tend to stretch length and so where they work one ends up with a longer but thinner penis, which is even worse.

Some believe that surgery works. But not only is it to expensive but it is also very expensive and the results are not certain.

Of course this article will not stop numerous people from all over the world from spending millions of dollars this month purchasing various miracle cures to enlarge the size of their members.

When The Controversial Organ Is Cut Off
Interestingly Kenyans have been involved in numerous incidents that have gained world attention concerning the severing of the penis. Kenyan Alfonse Mumbo gained worldwide fame in 2003 when he cut off his own penis and testicles so as to punish his wife for adultery. Then in 2005 Spanish surgeons successfully reconstructed the penises of two Kenyan boys taken to them by the controversial Dr Ken Jones. Witchdoctors making a portion that was supossed to cure HIV/AIDs had cut off the organs in a Kenyan village.

But severed penises are not new to the world. The penis of Napoleon was cut off and preserved after his death and some years later sold to a urologist for the princely sum of $40,000.

Then came the most famous of all the cases in 1993 when American Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a kitchen knife. The story ended well for both couples because the organ was successfully attached and Mr Bobbitt made a lot of money from the incident including a stint as a porn star. A court ruled that his wife be sentenced to 45 days hospitalization due to a successful temporary insanity plea by her lawyers.

On July 1, 1997, a Vietnamese immigrant in British Columbia, Ms. Kim Phuong Tran severed her husband's penis after he admitted to being in love with another woman. Kim Phoung Tran kept on telling her husband not to have the mistress, but her threatening pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead the husband told his wife that he needed to be left alone so he could think. He then fell asleep and his wife promptly cut off the offending penis, and immediately flushed it down the toilet. It was never recovered. Ms. Tran was sentenced to a two-year conditional stay-at-home sentence with community service. Many men's rights groups in Canada were outraged at the lightness of her sentence.

In another very similar incident a woman in a Far Eastern country whose name I forget attached her husband's severed penis to a hot air balloon and released into the air. The intention appears to have been the same as that of Ms Tran, because if buried at a secret location, these things can always be exhumed so the idea seems to make them disappear altogether. Naturally the hot air ballon and its' bloody cargo were never seen nor heard of again.

Other women have come up with even more ingenious ways to ensure that the offending organ is never found again. In July 23 2005, Delmy Ruiz (49) who was jealous because her husband was having an affair lured him to the house they owned together under the pretext that there were some documents they needed to look at together. Her husband Rene Aramando Nuñez fell asleep at the house and Ruiz cut off his penis with a knife. The penis was then removed from the scene by a dog enthusiastically wagging its' ail, never to be seen again. Ruiz was sentenced to eight years in prison and fined $10,000.

Then out of Russia, as is to be expected came the most bizarre incident involving a penis in January 2002

On July 23, 2005, Delmy Ruiz, 49, was found guilty of aggravated assault after she had severed Rene Aramando Nuñez' penis with a knife. Ruiz said he had abused her earlier, but it was believed that she was really just jealous because he was seeing someone else. She lured him over to the house to talk about documents concerning the house that they owned together. He fell asleep while at the house. That is when she cut off his penis. The jury had been shown graphic photos of Nuñez' wounded crotch where more than 80% of his penis was completely removed save for a small stump. The penis was never recovered as it had been removed from the scene by her dog. [11].

In January 2002, In Russia, Pavel Morozov, a player of Spartak football was brutally murdered by his friend's girlfriend because he didn't want to have sex with her. The friend invited Pavel over to his house to drink vodka with him and his girlfriend. The girlfriend became interested in Pavel especially as she got more and more intoxicated. She then made advances towards Pavel when her boyfriend and gone out briefly. Pavel didn't reciprocate so she became upset and started hitting him and screaming. It is said that Pavel ended up unconscious on the floor. The girlfriend then unzipped his trousers and quickly cut off the non-complying organ. She then also stabbed him in the chest. Pavels body was then thrown out in the street. At some point her boyfriend came back and the two continued drinking as if nothing had happened. They were however arrested in the morning.

In 2004, in Kassel, Germany, a 50 year old woman severed the penis of her Ghanaian ex-husband but died as a result of wounds inflicted by the same knife. The man's organ was later retrieved from the same room in which she died, though it is unknown as to whether it was re-attached or not.

In October 2004, Dr. Naum Ciomu chopped patient Nelu Radonescu's penis into small pieces in a fit of anger during routine surgery. He was later found guilty of grievous bodily harm, fined and received a 1 year suspended jail sentence for the attack. The victim ultimately had reconstructive surgery using tissue from his arm.

Let us end this gory article with an incident that was featured in the notorious Jerry Springer talk show in the 90s. A man who appeared on the show confessed that he had badly desired to become a woman and so severed his own penis and after doing so, hid it from his wife. What a strange world full of sick people we live in.

Did you know Moi's most guarded secret involves Ugandan women?

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