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Monday, March 26, 2007

Bizarre Condition Has Kept Beautiful Woman From Having Sex For Years

Dear Kumekucha,
I am writing on behalf of a friend's friend.

She has a terrible secret that I want to share with you in the hope that others will get some sort of help.

It is actually the saddest story I have ever heard. My friends friend has a very strange epileptic condition where the moment somebody kisses her and she starts to get passionate in any way, she is immediately engulfed by an epileptic fit which promptly stops her from having sex. As far as I know her epileptic fits are not brought about or triggered in any other way.

We live in a very superstitious community and the story going round is that she was married off to some strange spirits in the spiritual realm who are very jealous and will not allow anybody to have sex with her.

I am told she has contemplated suicide many times and would have gone ahead with it already except that she is the worst coward.

She is rapidly heading towards 40 years and there are no signs of her ever getting married. Apparently there is no man noble enough on this earth to love her enough to marry her and work through the problem with her. I can imagine how they freak out when she goes into a fit and starts foaming in the mouth, when all they wanted was sex. By the way am told she is extremely attractive and you would never know that she is suffering from this terrible, condition.
I find this case very interesting because it raises all sorts of questions and issues that I believe my dear readers should be made aware of.

From the description of the condition, I am convinced that this is a spiritual problem (sorry all you medical-science-has-all-the-answers types, although you are most welcome to leave your comments here, no matter how critical they are of my views).

Many young women are married off in the spiritual realm and yet they have no idea. A marriage in the spiritual realm is much more powerful than a marriage in the physical realm. This is why we have cases like this other one I know about where this young lady has had her fianc├ęs break engagements with her at least twice under very strange circumstances and literally at the eleventh hour. I believe that they were “discouraged” by the young lady's jealous husband or husbands in the spiritual realm.

The sure signs that you have been married off in the spiritual realm and could have your marriage in the real world badly jeopardized, is if you dream you are pregnant, or sweeping a house or sometimes suckling a child and yet you do not have children. These are activities that you are actually undertaking in your "spiritual" home and marriage. Even so called wet dreams of having sex are pretty suspect.

This is not a joking matter and can have fatal consequences, because many women get very frustrated without knowing what exactly the problem is. Especially those who believe that medical science always has the answers.

Yet with a spiritual approach, and by this I mean serious prayers with genuine pastors and bible-believing spiritual authorities, this is a problem that can be overcome and the marriage in the spirit world annulled.

It would be of great help if you can trace the origins of the problem. For instance witches and traditional medicine men and women usually marry off their grandchildren and other relatives in the spiritual realm when they are very young and they will then grow up completely unaware of the problem until they are older and it really starts effecting them.

In other instances, the death of a loved one when one is young can result in an urge to "meet" the dead person in a dream, which evil spirits and demons take full advantage of and come disguised as that person. They are then easily able to take advantage of the person and before they know it, they are in a covenant arrangement of the marriage type in the spiritual realm that will have very serious consequences on their later life.

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Taabu said...

Chris, you must be ready to be flooded with torrents of sermons and lectures. But the truth remains you can't wish this real problem away using exotic theories.

The lady is better advised to promptly seek HELP from the right quarter-both conventional and otherwise. Procrastinating will only make her kiss the devil in the noose.

This lady will soon become productively vegetative once she hits the age of clinical sterility (penopause). She needs urgent help hear and now.No amount of grandstanding, philosphising or even preaching from the hollier-than-thou types is of immediate help to her. She is fast approaching her sunset era and can arrest the slide to emotional doom by seeking HELP now. The Bakaris of this world are also God's creation and made in His image, who knows whether he works through them (save me the cheap accusationof blasphemy you religous scoundrels, I am only trying to address a problem head on please).

As for men, we need a reality check and we must play the righful role in saving the world. This lady and her likes needs very seasoned and strong hands and heart in a real man to walk her through the problem and into a solution. And what a happy and beautiful world we will then have. May the real men please stand up?

Anonymous said...

Are u Taabu not a real man? If u are so brave why dont u just ask for her email address? I am sure u will get it at your doorstep in the same way we heard about the problem. Ask Chris to get it for u throgh the "friend's friend". U can apply those theories you have on her. We will tell you "good job" if and when it works.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm one of the science-answers-everything people and believe this can be explained. I once read a story about an American girl who passes out every time someone makes her laugh or when she gets excited. The explanation, catalepsy might apply here. It is a symptom of epilepsy and other disorders.

Anonymous said...

Upuzi mtupu neenda ukawe nun


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