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Sunday, August 12, 2007

News Media Too Commercial As Major Mud Slide Story Is Shoved Aside In Favor Of Political Features

The commercial pressures our press are experiencing just now with the rapidly diminishing disposable income around these days, was clearly evident in today’s newspapers.

Yesterday there was a very serious landslide somewhere in Western province where some people have estimated the death toll to be over 50 people. The main newspapers ignored mostly ignored this big news on their front pages. The simple reason being (terrible as it is) it just won’t sell newspapers.

Read full story of mudslide here.

Sources close to this blogger say that the initial estimates of 18 deaths was too low and that eyewitnesses had seen several dozens of persons being buried in the mud.

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Anonymous said...

The pot calling the kettle black. What's with all the adverts on your blog after every 2 sentences.


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