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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Men Missing In Action As Second Liberation Starts In Earnest

The expert driver who maneuvered out of the Central Police Station with tyres screeching was in fact not a man but a Woman. A man probably won't have done it without running over the policeman who tried to block the car.

Men are known to make jokes about women drivers but this is one instance where many drivers who have viewed the dramatic Jack-Bower-like clip can only admire the driving.

When you also consider that most of the people we are seeing on the forefront of fighing for the second liberation are women, one cannot help asking themselves where the men are. Even the small group that camped outside CID headquarters to show solidarity with Health Minister Charity Ngilu when she was being held were mostly women.

So where are the men? Or do they just mostly prefer to call each other names at blogs like this one?

It is my hope and prayer that we men will rise to the cassion and this critical time in the history of our nation when the motherland needs us badly. It is clear that a major campaign for the much-anticipated second liberation has already kicked off in earnest. The campaign is about replacing our current colonial masters—the corrupt-rich ruling class. Interestingly the old mzungu colonial masters had more compassion for the people and life in those days was much more bearable. If you doubt, just ask your grand parents.

However what has put a lot of joy in Kumekucha's heart is the fact that the people at the forefront of the struggle are the young people of Kenya, born after independence, exposed to the world and asking why can't Kenya be better than the West? Even where they do not ask the question is as many words, you will hear the comparisons daily all over the place.

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