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Monday, August 27, 2007

Kenyan's Little Known Sick Criminal World

A while back, somebody sent me a crazy story about a serial rapist/violent robber who specialized in armed robberies at homes in certain Nairobi suburbs. According to this informant this sick thug's "signature" was to rape a man's wife as the husband was forced to watch.

He also said that the man usually wore a mask but always had unprotected sex with his victims and yet he was believed to be HIV positive.

I did not know quite what to make of it, because this was really sick. I had not even heard of it in other parts of the world where there are many sick criminals. Such a story had not even emerged from that rape capital of Africa, namely South Africa. So I ignored the story and did not pursue it nor use it here because I usually like to verify my stories as much as I possibly can.

Now this weekend from a rather unlikely source, I found out that actually such a criminal was gunned down by police early last year. The thug was nicknamed Kauzi and he was a dreaded Mathare gangster who according to the report I read, liked to rape women infront of their husband and was HIV positive.

Actually it is fairly easy to determine the authenticity of a story before even the verification stage. However this tip which I had received from a man who appeared to have been the unfortunate victim of this vicious thug, sounded too bizarre and it was the sort of thing the police would never reveal facts about in their bid to always give a false sense of security to Kenyans and prove to all that they are winning the so-called war on crime.

Mercifully the said thug was gunned down by a dreaded plain clothes cop known to many people simply as "Tyson." who is said to operate like the late Patrick Shaw and has put fear in thugs operating in the Eastliegh Mathare and Huruma area, where he patrols regularly and many of them have even tried unsuccessfully to kill him. The nickname comes from both his appearance and ruthlessness in dealing with thugs.

Actually too little is known about the sick world of criminals operating in areas like Nairobi. It is important that the next government gets rid of this ridiculous old fashioned police policy on information. Information is power and enables the public to better prepared and take the necessary precautions. For instance because of the high incidence of rape in homes in South Africa, many homes are built with extra reinforced and heavily padlocked bedrooms so that even if an intruder breaks into the house, they are not able to gain easy access into the bedrooms.

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