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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why All MPs Must Go Without Exception

In our ongoing campaign to rid the august house of the entire 9th parliament team that has brought the nation on the brink of a major crisis, some have suggested that we spare some of the MPs while others have talked about the need for a smooth handover.

I appreciate this input from my brothers and sisters and value and respect your rights to your views and opinions. However I feel it is necessary to highlight a few reasons why both these two suggestions may not be in the best interests of Kenya and Kenyans just now.

Firstly there is no issue of a smooth handover, since this arises where some good work was being done, hence the need for some continuity. We all know that very little was being done. Whatever the achievements of the 9th parliament (and I find it extremely difficult to find them) they were too little too late. We must raise performance standards to a new level and to do that we cannot afford to praise the mediocrity and filth of the 9th parliament.

Secondly this fear of handing over parliament to some inexperienced Kenyans is a myth and was the same fear that many had when Kenya got her independence in the 1960s. Very inexperienced people then like Mwai Kibaki, Daniel Moi and Tom Mboya and others took over things in parliament and proved that the fears of inexperience were totally unfounded. This is inspite of the fact that many of them had very little education and more importantly exposure. Just compare the exposure they had then to what we have today with the Internet, cell phones etc.

If anything the general population in Kenya is much, much better educated than Kenyans joining politics were in 1963. I absolutely do not see any reason why the generation that is controlling corporate Kenya and handling billions in annual profits earned in spite of the endless and complex business obstacles and challenges of today, will have a problem representing the people in parliament. One thing that Kenyans will be grateful in terms of inexperience from this group is the fact that they are not experienced in corruption, embezzlement and in motions to increase their own salaries and benefits. That in essence is the experience we are getting rid of in parliament.

My view is that for Kenyans to experience real change, it is very important that this be treated as a surgical procedure to remove "a cancer" that is eating away at the very fabric of Kenyan life. When removing a cancer in this way, it is inevitable that some "good flesh" will be sliced off together with the bad. However there is no other way, because the more you spare, the more likely you will be to find that in your surgery you have left small pockets of cancer which inevitably start spreading again (necessitating an even more risky second surgical procedure). No sir. This needs to be done ONCE and done properly.

Lastly it is important that Kenyan voters send this message to legislators so that they will forever remember who the boss really is. This is something Kenyan MPs have never understood, thanks to years of Kanu dictatorship. Most MPs believe that once elected they are the bosses and wananchi have to listen to them and look upto them for guidance. NO. Voters are the employers and it is important that we grab this chance to make this very clear so that future MPs will be discouraged from playing their usual game of disappearing in parliament to make themselves rich and only re-emerging when it is election time again. That game must end and it will help a great deal if we Kenyan voters (who have the power) send that clear message to all present and future elected public servants as to who is the boss.

Once again I appeal to all Kenyans of good will to ensure true change by voting out the entire 9th parliament together with any mice and rodents that may be in the premises.

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