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Friday, August 31, 2007

Kroll Report And Looted Moi Billions Puts Moi On Mobutu Sese Seko Level

This is what citizen journalism is all about. Earlier today somebody left links in this blog about a leaked report by a leading international private investigations organization called Kroll.

By the time I got to the wiki page, somebody had deleted it. That person does not understand the way the web functions and this was an exercise in futility. I am sure another copy will turn up on the web very soon.

The report and extracts copied from it are shocking to say the least.

You can read more HERE (also see the links at the bottom of the page).

Meanwhile more HOT news from Orange House...

The mother of all general elections is now less than 4 months away and things are getting HOT.

There have been all sorts of rumours circulating including one ridiculous one that Raila will step down for Musalia. I asked our ODM specialist Phil and his reply which some of you may have missed almost made me fall off my chair. Read it for yourself below;

Hey Chris,

You are right, that rumour is very true, but in my opinion such an action is premature.

And again, only Raila himself will decide whether to drop his candidature or not. Besides, his commitment is so deep that we know he is running at least three fully fledged campaign secretariats and he has his own personal council of professional advisors.

Though everyone, including Raila, is in agreement that an ODM win overrides all other interests, because no one wants another stint in opposition benches!

I think it would be suicidal to name Mudavadi on Saturday and make him an obvious target for Kibaki and company. (Remember they have all the Goldenberg, NBK and KCB files).....Mudavadi as a politician, a business person and family man cannot fight the government machinery on his own.

Another rumour is that ODM aspirants could all drop their bids at the last minute for another Kikuyu candidate. He may be voted in through the Dagoretti constituency seat. He will appeal to the youth, other tribes as well as donors. His name is John Githongo. And in his first public speech as an ODM candidate, he will unleash the mother of all bombshells - a recorded discussion with the Head of State urging him 'to look the other way'.... Moi,Kibaki Tena crowd or even Derek here will not have an answer to that tsunami.

Am told that Uhuru Kenyatta is having some serious soul searching about recent political developments and is weighing implications of throwing his weight with the ODM, and to a lesser extent ODM-K lot. He may even make an appearance at Kasarani today or tomorrow.

Yes, Chris, I'd say it is a possibility for Raila to drop a bombshell, but not so soon, probably towards end October, early November when the picture will be much clearer....right now it is still a little fuzzy. Let Kibaki declare his party of choice and launch his vision, then you will see fire works.

Remember NO ONE, including our famed NSIS saw the recapture of original ODM party from Lawyer Mugambi Imanyara...could he have been Raila's long term strategic plan?

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Anonymous said...

The report is still on wikileaks....

Anonymous said...

And also here :

Anonymous said...

The report is available here too, a look and save yourself a copy!!

kenyan citizen


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