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Thursday, August 16, 2007

So You Want To Know What Really Goes On Inside Political Parties In Kenya?

Here is a leaked document on confidential discussions and resolutions passed by a leading Kenyan political party during one of its’ meetings.

Read and digest and realize why they say that politics is a dirty game (with the old folks who are there now). The whole lot are the same and the only way forward is to send them all home packing.

11th LDP NEB meeting held on July 1, 2003

A part from the official meeting held, a brainstorm was conducted on a brief research paper presented by the chairman. It touched on how the LDP should be strengthened. It was recommended from the debate:

1. LDP must continuously show it is the one pushing for a constitutional reform while NAK is against constitutional reform as Kanu was depicted in the past.

2. LDP must explore all avenues of fruitful engagement with Kanu. Efforts must be made to reverse the nasty merger experience between Kanu and NDP, LDP should help Kanu look good among members of the public.

3. LDP must be shown as pro-people and for reforms whereas the government must be painted as anti-change.
4. The government must be isolated and shown as a Mt. Kenya backed government without national appeal.
5. We must continue to hold the government responsible for breaching the MoU so that Kenyans can see it as unfair and insensitive.
6. We must promote the view that government ministers are corrupt so that the government has no moral authority to pursue corruption and it looks bad in the eyes of the international community.
7. We must continuously paint the government and Narc-Nak as the same as the former Kanu.
8. LDP must seriously engage the media-owners — editors and journalists— to discredit the government, NAK and the people who are pro-establishment.
9. Every opportunity must be taken to destabilise the government in a way, which is not traceable to us.
10. Friendship of the security forces and the entire civil service should be sought. We must resist a civil service shake-up.

11. Finances must be raised including from foreign friends and domestic friends. Ministries we control should assist our friends to make money legally some of which can be contributed to the LDP kitty.

12. LDP must capture all influential civil society including COTU, Maendeleo, human rights groups etc.

13. Ministries we control should assist our MPs and regions where we are recruiting.

14. We must treat Bomas delegates well at all times. They are very important for the constitutional reform process.

15. We must demonstrate always that with our friends in Kanu we control parliament.

16. LDP can take a chunk of Kanu and most of Narc with time so that in 2007 we are independent and in control.

17. LDP must recruit nationally so that we have national elections. We should only accept Narc elections if we are sure we'll take over Narc. Otherwise we must now not accept the convening of a summit we can't control.

18. We must continuously destabilise NAK.

19. A strategy for 2007 elections must be put in place. Our research think tank should be tasked to prepare a confidential road map.

20. We must not relent on executive prime minister as well as a president who had limited powers. The vice president position should be deputy president. Three deputy prime ministers should exist. These positions will be used to a formidable coalition of LDP, friendly Kanu etc. We must seek new friends all the time.

21. We must invest in the underground media.

22. We must show government cannot perform; only LDP ministers can.

23. We must be careful that LDP elections do not create problems for us.

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24. The credibility of all those who oppose our agenda must be destroyed.

25. We must also continuously woo NAK affiliate parties and personalities.

26. We must always create the impression that LDP is a big movement, which is popular.

27. Let's get NAK affiliates to fight each other whenever it is possible.

28. We must dialogue with the international community to show them NAK has betrayed us and democracy. We must ask them to engage the government in a cautious way.

29. We must capture the local government movement.

30. If possible some strategic government motions should be defeated. A vote of no confidence should be an option.

31. Weak LDP legislators should be helped.

32. We must plant competitors to destabilise all those MPs and councillors who oppose us.

33. We must take Bomas very seriously. Attendance is a must.

34. LDP must continue to own and popularise the LDP-harambee-rainbow clarion call.

35. If we cant have Narc we must destroy it by 2006 or early 2007. Let it be a nominal party.

36. We must maintain an efficient secretariat and infiltrate Mwenge House.

37. LDP ministers and assistant ministers must act like they are the government.

38. LDP functionaries must always collect intelligence, which must be shared.

39. LDP must work tirelessly to have the youth, women and Muslims on its side.

40. Bonding activities for LDP must be organised continuously.

41. The research/think-tank group should be strengthened. LDP intellectuals who work abroad should be mobilised to contribute to the future of LDP.

42. We must continue to point our Narc election officials and Narc Mwenge House functionaries have not been paid since December 2002.

43. A sub-committee to vet all government appointments should be established. All past political appointments should be scrutinised.

44. The issue of the MoU between the Kodhek group and LDP should be settled.

45. Strategic and innovative ways of having political rallies and civic education meetings to be explored in Mombasa, Kericho, Eldoret, Kakamega, Kisumu, Garissa, Nairobi and other places in our country. The main agenda should be constitutional review.

46. LDP must at all times support Yash Pal Ghai and show that the government does not and wants to scuttle the review process.

47. LDP civic support has been analysed and will be available to all members.

48. We must try to compromise secretaries and other workers in the offices of those close to the establishment.

49. LDP must stay in government for as long as possible. This is strategic in many ways

50. We must develop relations with other political parties abroad.

This information should only be shared on a strictly confidential basis with LDP officials including Hon. Kamotho, Hon. W. Ole Ntimama, Hon Job Omino and LDP summit members. This LDP Roadmap to 2007 will be subject to review and refinement from time to time.

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