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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

3,000 Metres Steeplechase Mystery Deepens

No other sporting event in history has been so dominated by a single nation and Kenya stamped her authority and dominance in this event in Osaka yesterday with a stunning Kenya one, Kenya two, and Kenya three performance in a clean sweep of the gold, silver and bronze medals.

I could not contain my tears as the 3 smiling flag draped athletes did a lap of honor. It was all too much for me and I believe many Kenyans when the national anthem filled the stadium. For that brief magical moment no Kenyan would want to think of tribe or political inclination. Kenya was one nation, delighted and celebrating a stunning victory on a competitive world stage.

What is it with Kenyans and this race? Mention this event anywhere in the world and you will be told that it is the Kenyan race. Several research projects have been undertaken to try and unearth the mystery behind this domiance, but so far, no answers have been forthcoming. Even more puzzling seems to be the fact that immediately athletes abandon their Kenyan citizenship and opt for that of another country, they promptly lose their "magic" over this event.

The 3000 metres steeplechase is a long distant obstacle race, which to me signifies that our beloved nation will always go over all the obstacles before her and emerge victorious whatever the odds.

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