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Friday, August 31, 2007

ODM-Kenya: What Impact Will Its' Presidential Candidate Now Have?

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka this afternoon beat his only challenger Prof Julia Ojiambo by garnering 2,835 votes against 791 votes to become the ODM-Kenya presidential candidate. The action was at Kasarani Stadium (some have christened it Kiserani—meaning controversy).

Tomorrow the other Orange party, ODM original, will hold a similar exercise at the same venue to come up with their presidential candidate. They will have a tough act to follow because the ODM-Kenya elections were extremely well organized.

It is expected that Mr Musyoka will seek an alliance with another political party before facing the general elections and he has said so himself several times. It is highly expected that that alliance will either be with the other ODM party, Kanu or even Narc Kenya. The last two choices are more or less the same thing because we now know that Kanu will be working very closely with Narc Kenya and will be supporting Mwai Kibaki's re-election bid.

His wife in a stunning outfit that had lots of orange, the ODM-Kenya color, accompanied Musyoka. This is a very important plus for Musyoka which Kenyans should learn to appreciate. This presidential candidate has one wife and it is sad that most Kenyans have failed to see the link between broken and polygamous families and the rising rate of crime in the country. There is a clear, established link (that is a story for another day) and the person I vote for as president will NOT be a bad example to my son and grand child. I don't want more questions from my grandson that I cannot answer.

There was a very strange, almost fake, atmosphere in this presidential nomination process. Like everybody already knew what the results were going to be. There was no sense of competition and neither of the candidates attempted to make a last minute appeal for votes from the delegates.

More interestingly the whole exercise cost well over a whopping Kshs 20 million. Which leads us to the 20 million shilling question: who financed it? Although ODM-K has a few millionaires, none of them are capable of putting up that kind of money alone. So was it a team effort?

P.S. There were too many people at Kasarani talking in Kikamba accents and wearing the tell-tale Kamba colours. Many of them were even involved in the organization of the delegates conference and presidential elections. Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka is one of the people who has criticized the president for his appointments claiming that they tend to lean too much in the direction of one community. He should therefore set an example and show Kenyans signs of his government to come by reducing the Kamba accents operating close to him and the party office bearers. Even the chairman should NOT be a MKamba.

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Anonymous said...

Chris your slip is showing again. When you talk about "family values" your insinuation and inuendoes give a clear picture of what your are saying. Why can't you name names or are you a coward? Kenya is a more democratic country, kudos to those you are discreetly campaigning against. When you talk about Kasarani and the Kamba Colours you are really amusing many. Kasarani for Kalonzo and Raila, oh pole, I know that hurts you a bit, is not about ELECTION but CORONATION. Get ODM's delegates list and you will have to explain why there so many O's from every province, includind Eastern and North Eastern. Odhiambo, Onyango, Otieno from Eastern? Lets be serious guys.
Your compaigning for ORANGE is going to make this Blog tasteless. Be neutral boy.

Niko Mombasa.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with anonymous.cyrus jirongo was wondering why there were so many o's during raila's SELECTION.apart from that,the unruly crowd just goes to show who the majority you know they have a history of such behavior.WEjust pray they don't go thru'.we wont have any say.but try to be neutral.


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