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Friday, August 10, 2007

Goodbye Masai Mara Part 3: President Kibaki's Son Wanted To View Grabbed Land

In yet another detailed letter written to the Attorney General Amos Wako on 12th May 2006, which is in my possession a former judge lists various concerns over the grabbing of the land within the world famous Masai Mara game reserve. The judge goes on to mention the names of persons close to the family of President Kibaki whom attempts have been made to co-opt in the development of the land in a clever strategy by the alleged land grabber to ensure that he is untouchable and that he has some "insurance" against losing his grabbed "investment".

Shockingly at one point in the letter the judge says,

"I had mentioned that people like Mr. David Kibaki, My Jimmy Michuki and Mr Stanley Murage have been interested in the disputed property. I have the evidence of people like Mt Hassan Ole Kamwaro, chairman of the Transport Licensing board…"

The judge goes on to say in the letter to the AG;

"I have the evidence of Ole Sapalan on the involvement of Mr. David Kibaki who wanted to be accompanied by the former to visit the Mara property but Ole Sapalan appears to have prevailed. He warned David Kibaki that this is a property in respect whereof his Father suspended a Judge and it would be a scandal of monstrous proportions if David was seen contriving with Tobiko and Ole Ntutu to whisk it away from the Judge and his people or the part that belongs to the County Council from the Council."

But the surprises do not end there. Surprisingly, even as you read this plans for the development of the grabbed land are at an advanced stage. The letter to the AG adds;

"It seems as if one Mary Wambui is the new recruit. She the other day visited Ole Ntutu home, though no evidence leaked regarding her quest for the Mara property but it is obvious that David Kibaki’s interest might have faded since the two groups cannot go together in search of loot. As to Jimmy Michuki, I have the word of Alex Ole Magilo that Jimmy is preparing plans to develop a property in the Mara at the disputed area.

"I also have documents showing Mr. Tobiko and Hon Ole Ntutu visited State House in the Referendum days, when Hon. Stephen Ole Ntutu M.P made demands that civil cases involving his brother and the County Council of Narok be speedily settled. I believe it was this demand that saw the speedy transfer of the Council Clerk Mr. Ondimu who had braved the odds and dared give evidence in this criminal case."

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog by what i can describe now as the grace of God.can only say i wish we had more of you this country is in a true mess we have a govt run by looters an opposition packed with people who in all honesty are bigger thieves.with the rutos and kosgeys of this world as the govt in waiting i cannot imagine where we r headed the only hope we have are people like u keep it up


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