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Thursday, July 26, 2007




Mwai Kibaki has once again demonstrated his complete lack of commitment to fight corruption and, even more, that he is a beneficiary of it. The Anglo Leasing and the corruption scandals of Moi, and Kenyatta before him, will remain unresolved so long as Mwai Kibaki is the President. His continued dalliance with Daniel arap Moi is proof enough of his going back on his word to Kenyans that 'Corruption will cease to be a way of life in Kenya'. So too is the reappointment of the disgraced Daudi Mwiraria.

Kenyans must remember that the Anglo Leasing scandal is as yet unresolved and has cost them Ksh.56 billion that we know of from the Controller and Auditor General's report. The scandal of Irrevocable Promissory Notes (IPNs) also remains with us. Undisclosed amounts in the IPN's are floating out there exposing Kenyans to pay for what they never received. In spite of the reports by Kroll and associates of 2004, which found Ksh. 79 billion stashed abroad, nothing has been returned to Kenya while the government claims its impotence to recover stolen assets.

Kenyans need to be informed now that even today the government is perpetuating further actions of corruption, no doubt related to the need to raise money for elections.

Specifically it has committed Ksh. 840 Million by a contract of February 2007 to overhaul four second-hand junk helicopters which were fraudulently purchased through Anglo Leasing type procedures in 1998. Provision has been made in the current budget estimates to pay for overhauling the junk helicopters, thus throwing good money after bad. It would be better to cancel the fraudulent deals and instead buy new, functional equipment transparently. New and cheaper helicopters are .available on the market. The purchase of faulty equipment on whose rehabilitation and maintenance ever greater sums must be spent provides a cover for continued theft of public resources.

A most suspect provision in the 2007/08 budget is for the repayment of a phantom loan incurred in the 1970's for the never built KENREN Chemical and Fertilizer factory. The provision of KShs.4.4 billion has been made for the repayment of this fictious loan incurred during the stewardship of the Treasury by Hon. Mwai Kibaki. Thirty years later, under the government of that same Mwai Kibaki, Kenyans are being asked to pay KShs. 268,626,623 million for a service that was never rendered. To this day no factory has ever been built. This is similar to the way in which Kenyans will continue to remain liable for the repayment of the illegitimate debts incurred during the Anglo Leasing looting spree.

One of the first contracts signed by this government was for a naval warship for 4 billion shillings. Then Minister for Internal Security Chris Murungaru clearly lays blame for this deal at the president's feet. Kibaki has never denied responsibility. The parliamentary committee on Defence and Foreign Relation supported this deal even though important questions remain unanswered:

• The committee does not appear to have had the technical capacity to properly assess the project
• The committee never spoke to the company that built the ship but instead contacted the brokers who were themselves under investigation by KACC
• The ship is not fitted with weapons which would make it useful for defence
• The radar and other equipment on it are without warranty
• In short it is not a warship

The conduct and the conclusions of the parliamentary committee's inquiry into this ship is suspect and, we are informed, contrary to normal parliamentary standing orders and practice. Further, the report was, curiously, available to litigants in court before it was tabled in Parliament.

Both the helicopter and the navy ship contracts should be cancelled, money paid refunded and the responsible public officers investigated and prosecuted.

There is more. The current budget makes provisions for a mysterious payment to a French bank BNP of Ksh. 603 Million this year. Kenyans must be told what this payment and many similar ones are for.

We expect in the next few days to see attempts to whitewash Anglo Leasing suspects similar to the gazette notice by KACC which purported to clear Kiraitu Murungi.

The time has come for Kenyans to finally accept that the Kibaki they have is not the Kibaki they elected. This Kibaki is prepared to enter into the most unprincipled deals to secure his hold on power. If he is re-elected, it is clear what Kenyans can expect from a Kibaki II government namely even more unrestrained corruption, abuse of power and flagrant impunity.

From 2002, Kibaki seems to have come full circle from 'Yote yawezekana bila Moi' to today's apparent slogan of 'Hakuna chawezekana bila Moi'. Let the Kenyan voter beware!

This forum recalls that Civil Society endorsed the Kibaki candidature in 2002. We now resolve to call on them to formally withdraw their endorsement of Mwai Kibaki for reasons of betrayal and corruption as cited above.

The forum further resolves to put the same case to the 2000 delegates of the National Youth Convention which will be held in Nairobi on 11th-12th August 2007 at KICC to formally do the same.

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Gachinga Warima said...


I remember with great sadness & regret how we partied with fellow Kenyans in Los Angeles, California on that unforgettable Sunday, December 29th 2002, in celebration of Mwai Kibaki's victory that aired on CNN. We could be heard a block away shouting and singing patriotic songs as Jeff Koinange's voice bellowed thru' the TV's speakers.

Perhaps naively, but I believed in Kibaki with all my heart - I believed that we'd have a new Kenya; the new london of Africa. When Kibaki gave his now famous inaguration speech, still remember him saying "...corruption will now cease to be a way of life..." and I beleived every word he uttered.

Today, I see how naive I was; how naive we all were. Naive enough to believe that the Kibaki who was the last man to defect from Kanu, the same Kibaki who said that multipartysim is like trying to cut a fig tree with a razor blade; the same kibaki who sat comfortably perched in Moi's Kanu and waited until others had fought with blood and tears for multipartysim...before cowardly limping over to start DP......this Kibaki, I naively thought would take Kenya to the promised land.

We Kenyans should have known that a leopard cannot change its spots. Kibaki has turned a blind eye to the thievery of public funds by his friends the Murungarus,Mwirarias,Wanjigis & Saitotis thru Anglo Leasing...same way he always turned a blind eye to the evils in the Moi dictatorial government for over 20 years.

By reapointing Mwiraria & Murungi back into the cabinet, Kibaki is telling us where his heart was all along. Why doesn't he go ahead and appoint Murungaru too? What is he waiting for?

Kibaki can talk a good game, but he can't deliver. He is a coward... always has been, always will be.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate it is, but it not over until the fat lady sings and she appears to be down with bird-flu, I think I just heard her drop....dead.

On the ground, mid-level Kenyans who can afford to partake of dead-ish goat and a crate of their favorite brand have refused to acknowledge that under Kibaki, Kenya has withered, fallen and is decaying (tumekufa, tushaoza).

Just because we can afford to top up the extra when prices and fares are hiked; continue to pay more in taxation and still pay private businesses to accord us the same ol' services we are being taxed for; and "hang out" over over-priced "nyama" and beers without denting our "mshahara" supported budgets. We are ready to spare Kibaki for the same ills committed by Moi. We sing about IPO's and the revival of parastatals without analysing their beneficiaries.
We seem least bothered when similar to Moi's government the poor man has been sidelined and his cause and case abandoned after the settlement in the abode on state house hill was complete. All this with the "kila myu na mzigo wake" attitude"!!

On the same side is Kenya's "media" which airs and tell more often half-baked, poorly researched stories of Kenyans in clashes, poverty (including the 10% who were purpotedly salvationed by the growing economy... kitu gani? We may not be distinguished graduates of Makerere Economics but we don't have cabbages for brains either) and dying of curable and preventable illnesses. As soon as "it's a wrap" or almost, they moult their story bearing personalities and join in the merry making.

Which hills do we run to? We who need a selfless, working government cause we aren't friends of the relatives of the man on the hill? Well, my poor heart will not skip a beat when Kibaki returns to the bench on the hill. Sisi (not referring to me, since I am no fool to repeat the same mistake twice) ndio tutamrudisha pale pale.

Anonymous said...

Press Statement
For Immediate Release: Monday July 30th 2007

March on Parliament – Tuesday July 31st 2007

The Civil Society Task Force on Grand Corruption jointly with the Forum of Former Members of Parliament invite you to join other Kenyans tomorrow (July 31st 2007) in marching on the Kenya National Assembly to ask for a halt to the theft of Ksh 1.4 billion under the guise of unconstitutional gratuities for the sitting Members of the 9th Parliament.

The march shall commence from the Professional Centre on Parliament Road starting at 12 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday July 31st 2007.

Kenyans are requested to help raise the alarm at exactly 2 p.m. tomorrow by hooting car horns or blowing whistles.

Contact: Somoni Birundu
Coordinator, NASCON
Tel: 0724-852-728


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