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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rare Tom Mboya Videos

It is with great joy that I present today three links that will lead you to view some very rare footage of Tom Mboya's funeral procession. Tom Mboya is the fallen patriot to whose memory this blog is dedicated to from the first word that was ever written here.

See the dramatic scene where the widow collapses in grief as she enters the church and has to be held from hitting the ground. See the frightened policemen with crowds surging forward.

See the funeral car arrive in Rusinga Island and splashing in the waters of Lake Victoria before touching the soil that was TJ's final resting place.

See people from all walks of life arriving for the funeral. And a lot more. If you find tears flowing down you cheeks, don't be too surprised. This was the day that belonged to somebody who loved the motherland enough to lay down his life for her. Remember that his American bodyguards warned him and were worried about his security. Let this rare footage inspire you to go out there and fight… please feel free to forward the links to every Kenyan you know.

Here are the links;




Civil Society Message On Mwai Kibaki And Grand Corruption

The Untold story of the Mathare massacre and where the bodies were dumped

Nasty men habits that women hate with a passion

What Grown Men Do When Their Wives Say, "Not tonight sweetie"

1 comment:

Waititu Gachinga Warima said...

Very very sad videos. I take my hat off to the man...Kenya's true son, Thomas Mboya. R.I.P mzalendo.


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