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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 4th President Project Update No 1


It is amazing what happens when two or three minds get together. You can imagine what will happen when our numbers reach 2 or 3 million, which will be very soon. As I write this I already have very workable detailed strategic action plans of how to meet our objective here that have arrived via email.

I take this opportunity to thank all those who have already volunteered to "get their hands dirty" towards meeting our 4th President project whose objective is to put a president of our choice into State house. I really like what Jeff said in a comment elsewhere in this blog. I have reproduced his comments below. The most striking thing is that things have already started happeneing and if anything comes out of this we can never claim to be the ones who started it. Kenyans everywhere are already fed up and have decided to do something.

Let us debate this issue further for a week or so, anybody with a workable strategy can send it in via email. On my part I will be giving you guys a regular update here and will be titling all my posts on this subject The 4th President Project Update No X. After a week I will tell you what our next plan of action will be. meanwhile please read my main post of today because this a mindset many of you will find blocking you when you discuss some of our radical ideas here with others elsewhere.

God bless Kenya, our beloved motherland and the Kenyans holding on to the dream.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The 4th President Of Kenya":

I totally agree with gachinga above that if we are to actualise this project "we have to fold our sleeves and get down to actual, dirty, tiring & frustrating work. Talk is good, talk is inspiring, but talk without actions is nothing".

We (all Kenyans with our country's interest first, then us second) need to talk/write AND act. NOW!. Otherwise come Jan 2008 and we realise we have been shafted we will only have ourselves to blame.

Success may not be assured. You do not get into projects only when you are assured of success! Indeed success = several failures! My point is whether we succeed or not we will have created such an impact so as to ensure success at a later date (if we fail) or continued success for our country (if we succeed).

This is what we have done at our ward level. This guy has been councillor for the last 34 years with nothing to show for all this time. In Kenyan politics this is not a guy you can run against and defeat easily. So mid last year a group of us came together and decided enough is enough. We have caused enough heat at the grassroots this guy spends sleepless nights. Whether our chosen candidate wins or not we are sure politics at our ward will never be the same again.

We are going a step further to influence who gets the MP position. We are only waiting for the drama in the political parties to shape up. (You see, our MP is an influential member in one of the main political parties). Forgive me if am shallow on details.

This kind of activity is taking place in several other constituencies/wards that i know of. These are people already participating in bringing change in their environments.

All is required is for us (as defined above) to come together (physically/cyberspace), come up with potential candidates, sell the idea to them, select the best from those who agree, then get ouselves dirty (sell the candidate). Like any launch of a new product (as Patrick of Nairobi Star would tell you), this requires alot of hard work. And commitment. Any volunteers? Obviously, am in! JEFF

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Horror of Kenyan with female sex organ sharing cell with men at Kamiti Prison

Are you a Kenyan? Do You love your country? Join in this noble campaign to change things. Do something instead of just complaining.


derek said...

Chris, have you witnessed a stampede where people rush from a scene of accident without looking back. They scrum by the entrance or the exit, to get out fast as they can. I call it stampede because in most of the declarations that I have read or seen in the last few months are loopy and unrealistic.

I watched in awe on a popular Friday current affairs production (youtube) that a gentleman in Eastleigh is plotting to be the president. For one, I don’t know the name, I have not heard it in political circles and as much as he has a right to be elected, like Julia Ojiambo or Nazlim (whoever), it is as you have said part of a project of identifying the Fourth President.

In a year when we are headed for the polls, we have seen so many people expressing their wishes at being the holders of the right to be presidents of Kenya. It is their democratic right, they are all over 35 years old, and they have a right to be elected and be voted in and many other qualities.

The search for the Fourth President will remain a topic to be discussed in the coming five months until the president dissolves the Ninth Parliament, then it begins in earnest. You have given us choices (suggestions), which we all believe that are okay. Sawa.

But of those, how many people can master votes from each province to counter the incumbent, not forgetting as you have written that the president retains the powers to decide on many things, and most civil servants are appointed from this own office, and others are direct appointees.

The ballot papers will be handed over to the PPO and the PC/DO/DC and an ECK official who has been appointed by an appointee of the current president. All the president’s appointees will think of; is who butters their bread. It is all about who can make his/her family continue living on perks doled by the government.

Until, that time Chris that the president’s powers will be cut, trimmed or countered by any organ, then we shall remain captives and subjects of the system that continues to decide on the way we live our lives.

Mwisho, you have reminded of that Moi one said, but what about, Kariuki Chotara at Afraha stadium saying ‘Mtukufu Rais, sisi watu wa Naikuru tuna kupenda na tunakutii. Hata juzi ulituambia tumurig Kimemia (Josiah) na tukamurig’. Moi watched in disbelief and the ashamed president could not hide his annoyance.

Phil said...

I totally agree with Derek. Running against the incumbent in a general election is a huge huge battle. Its also a high risk undertaking.

The Kibaki regime is fully responsible for failing to deliver a new devolved constitution as promised in 2002. This apparently is its biggest failure on the Kenyan people so far and remains a top most agenda in the minds of all Kenyans since the repeal of section 2A that made Kenya a multi-party state in 1991.

Apart from having the Kibaki enjoying the trappings of state power in an general election, the same Kibaki regime is now dilly-dallying with enacting Minimum / Essential constitutional reforms that are aimed at ensuring a free and fair general elections in 2007. Enacting these reforms will be committing political suicide for Kibaki hence the reluctance.

What do we do Chris? Mobilise as you suggest? Fish a technocract living in excile? Nominate a man of religion? Human rights lawyer? Nobel laureate? I dont think so.

Back to our question on the 4th President Chris: if our objective is to obtain positive change, which Kenyan aspirant can you presently identify as most likely to beat Kibaki hands down - if he/she is nominated as single opposition candidate, assuming prevailing conditions remain as they are? Is it really John Githongo? Prof. Wangari Maathai? PLO Lumumba? That is not reality, it is emotional.

In identifying that candidate, I am appealing to you guys to first face reality in Kenya then rise above petty tribal and party politics. You will not miss that candidate, he is there and he has proven himself 10 times over!

PS. Chris, please give us a direct link from Kumekucha main site to the main articles.

chris said...

My dear brothers,

I urge you to resist this talk of 2012. Here is a balance sheet of reasons why;

What we have to lose

- The worst that can happen is that we will make a total fool of ourselves. That is what young Kenyans fear the most. But what does a person lose in the process of losing face? Really think about it. Abraham Lincon lost face numerous times be4 he became prezo. Kibaki lost face twice b4 he became prezo. My friends, this is the biggest obstacle young Kenyans have and nobody ever succeeded on a clean slate, it doesn’t happen even in the movies.

- It is risky, yes. Waking up every morning and leaving your front door is risky. So why not stick indoors and sleep the whole day?

What we have to gain

a) In the process of losing the presidency we could win many parliamentary seats

b) We could plant the seeds of victory in 2012. If we postpone to 2012, we postpone planting the seeds and hopefully we will make it in 2017… if there is a country left.

c) There is a good chance of winning. Why? Becoz Kenyans are already fed up and are just looking for the person to rally behind.

d) There are many ways to skin a cat. Going round the whole country introducing a presidential candidate is one way. There are dozens of others. To give you one example, there are those who believe that the legitimate winner of the 2002 elections was Kenneth Matiba. Do some research and see if the sick man held any rallies anywhere in the country. By the way he defeated Kibaki who used the strategy you suggest. WAKE UP FOLKS. Please, your country depends on it. Please think out of the box.

e) In case you don’t know we are in a very desperate situation in Kenya today. There are certain things that if they are not addressed will mean that our country will not be able to hold together much longer. We can’t just sit and start “dreaming” about 2012. We need to do something and we need to do it NOW.

f) I am not at liberty to tell-all because our enemies are also reading this. But we have a choice of candidates who are already known to Kenyans and using media skills and sound strategy can be on the lips of all Kenyans tomorrow morning. Don’t forget that Kenyans are looking for a Moses and when they recognize him, everything else will fall into place faster than you can say "2012."

g) For the umpteenth time, nobody climbed the ladder of victory with cold feet based on the possibility of losing face just because they lost. So what!!

h) Finally I will tell you all what I told Senator Obama last year when he was still saying that his standing for president was "out of question." I simply quoted from the good book.

I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

P.S. There is no problem if the neighbor’s dog wants to stand for president. So what! Does it take any Ugali from my plate? Please read yesterday’s article. KENYA IS NOT A KINGDOM. ANYBODY CAN BE PREZO or stand for prezo. Anybody!!! Who was Kenyatta before he was president? A nobody, he didn’t even know who his parents were (you know what such people are called in society?).And before he was prezo he lost face. He was photographed in newspapers around the world in handcuffs, a common criminal. Some of you guys probably think Kenyatta was jailed for being a freedom fighter—there is no such offence.

For the love of the motherland,


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