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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just How Corrupt Is Hon Raila Odinga?

This is the most difficult post I have ever had to make here since Kumekucha started (now going to 3 years). It is difficult because I am faced with the prospect of disturbing the peace in this blog and losing a very good dear friend I have made here.

Nobody has contributed so many useful insider scoops to this blog than this good friend of mine that I am talking about. I value this guy very much and I am not ashamed to say that I need him here in this blog. Not only that, this guy works amongst the less privileged Kenyans, the masses of voiceless-down-and-out Kenyans—which already gives him a very soft spot in my heart. You all know that I believe the key to the future is with this group that many of us hardly understand. I asked a question here about how many people have visited the slums and as you can see the silence is deafening—apart from a few counted people (including this treasured friend of mine).

I am praying against all hope that he will not only remain my friend after the information that I am about to disclose, but will be a closer friend because we have one thing in common. We both desire nothing more than a better Kenya. The motherland first, our friendship second.

The founders of this country and people who would have changed the situation in our beloved country no doubt faced the exact same situation I face today. They chose friendship over love for the motherland and see where we are today.

As we seek for change in Kenya, there is one very important thing that we must remember. It was a lesson I learnt in school years ago. There was a very strict teacher who instilled real terror to any students who were unlucky enough to be in his class. On seeking advice on how to "survive" in his class a colleague told me that there was a simple secret to survive in Mr Terror's class. All you needed to know was his golden principal which was, it was OK to make a mistake once but when it was made twice, he went berserk and would use the cane with abandon on a boy's backside. The guy even said it himself many times. To make a mistake the first time is human to make it a second time is to be an idiot and he just had to beat the idiot out of you.

Folks that advice helped a lot and I survived by being very careful not to repeat a mistake that I had already made once. It rubbed off on my life too and I try very hard to stick to it.

This is the reason why I bore many of you here by begging, urging and even bullying you to study Kenya's history. It is because there is no point in making the same mistake all over again. And in that regard we all failed in voting in Mwai Kibaki in 2002. Especially me who voted for him with all my heart, my passion and my everything. Had I bothered to remember my history a little I would have voted differently and I would not be so haunted by memories of how I voted in 2002.

Shortly after Johnstone Kamau (alias Jomo Kenyatta) became Prime Minister and then President of Kenya—incidentally NOT by winning any direct vote by simply being the leader of Kanu which happened to be the party that won most seats in parliament—some Kenyans went overboard with their mutukufus (your excellency's). Baba wa taifa was quickly added to his many titles and soon it was just Baba, which is the same Swahili term people use to refer to God almighty. Very soon after that, it was declared that he should be the president for life and anybody who as much as imagined opposing him should just have their heads examined—their private parts could be chopped off later.

So in short order a former meter reader with the Nairobi City Council became a god in Kenya. I have seen many tendencies with supporters of Raila Odinga that are similar and if they remain unchecked, that is exactly where we will end up—making the same mistake twice. The guy is the best candidate out of what we have so far (in my humble opinion), he is the one who cares most and understands what the common man in Kenya is going through.



He is not perfect.

And as has been said here many times, anybody who wants to be our president must be prepared to be scrutinized by voters. He must be ready to open his closet and show us the skeletons and explain them. And in he event that they don't and we find them, then they should tell us the truth. And this should apply to ALL presidential candidates.

The truth is that the current generation of politicians ARE NOT prepared to do this, without exception.

The apology I have to make today is that I have had this information for some time now, but I feared to present it. I did not want to offend. Some Kumekucha bloggers have said something similar here about information that they too had. I think the new rule we should make my brothers is never to fear to present the information you have as long as it is NOT malicious or biased. I know it is a tall order and the line between malice and genuine investigated scandalous material is very thin. Too thin. But let's at least try.

I have a witness's sworn statement and documents (letters to a well-known Kenyan lawyer to back up the claim) that Hon Raila Odinga teamed up with Joshua Kulei in 2000, on behalf of Moi in offering a certain foreigner millions of dollars in compensation for them to take back evidence implicating the Moi government in a certain very scandalous matter.

Then the thing which pains me most. Why does Raila Odinga no longer talk about the gruesome assassination of Robert Ouko? Can he prove the wild allegation that he made a deal with Moi wrong? (Actually it is not so wild because I also have a little shred of evidence to also support that allegation.)

I have avoided mentioning the molasses plant for now, because that one Raila has replied to in another forum. Not convincingly, but I give him the element of doubt on that one. At least for now. I have also avoided mentioning other issues that could be contentious like the palatial home he has built for himself and his brother. Please let's not touch on that for now.

My friends, supporters of Raila Odinga. History is watching. How you respond to this post and your suggestions on what should be done next will have a huge impact on things. Much bigger than you may think. We badly need a new Kenya where there is no room for blind support but where we can question and probe those we seek to put in high office.

May God help us all and may HE save our beloved motherland of Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

Forget about the Marianne Briner letters to Muite. If she has any evidence of any Raila/Moi conspiracy then she is free to post it on any of her many blogs. I am sure these should be easy to post than her sexual experiments with Jeff Koinange.

Anonymous said...

Lastly, Robert Ouko's wife, children, sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends are still alive. It is not upon Raila to talk about his assassination. He was neither a constituent or Langata nor was he in anyway related to Raila. Raila only happens to be one of the 34million+ Kenyans who are saddened by the way Ouko was brutally murdered.

Anonymous said...

Kumekucha, it goes even further than that. The Odinga family wealth has it's Genesis in a 50's rip-off by the name of Luo thrift and un-audited Chinese and Russian Cold War chests.

Anonymous said...

More muchene - Raila is involved in many corrupt deals - indians front for him & wife. An electronics shop - indian managed (somehow never paid duty on any of the items). Of course KRA caught up with them soon after they fell out with Kibaki). Talk of sour grapes. He is corrupt and this is just a tip of the iceberg. What maendeleo has he brought to Langata that he can roll out to the rest of the country? Somebody tell me please..

Anonymous said...

Well, one has got to be stark raving mad not to notice that there is no saint in any of our leaders. All said, the previous comment on "maendeleo in Lang'ata" the M.P. is the people's representative, the government is THE provider of "maaendeleo". If it fails to do so because of Raila's lack of allegiance, its their failure not Raila's.

Anonymous said...

And how about the money raised by the diaspora? Raila has visited 10 countries in 8 months. Hiyo pesa inaenda wapi? Kununua Hummer? This is the REAL grudge from his fellow aspirants. Failure to account for fnds rased under ODM banner.

Anonymous said...

First of all let me comment on an earlier annonymous post in which he/she says that oukos family are still alive (and as such should be at the forefront of asking who killed ouko)If today with a new different Gov in place the killers are not brought to book, then how would you expect the family to speak? What security do they have if what happened to their father yet he was a cabinet minister. As any offspring of victim of political assasination especially in Kenya where the real killers have never been brought to book, to speak out is risky indeed. But on another note Chris says he will not at this time speak on the Raila Molasses issue but please allow me to do so.

One the molasses factory by the time East African spectre was bidding for it was useless. The machinery had been designed in the seventies and installed in the eighties. As such its unit cost of production compared with say a nineties facility was too high. It would not be able to compete with facilities in Uganda and Rwanda or even Tanzania. So why did East African Spectre bid.?

Also keep in mind that there is no evidence that money actually changed hands. In mois day Gov was expert at hoodwinking wananchi. What was to stop Raila setting up a company in SA and that (so called investor) being given the option to evaluate and auction the molasses plant. This is exactly what I believe happened. There was no real sale. Who can tell me the real valuation? Who valued it? Who the money was paid to and when?

It was a deal between Moi and Raila in which Raila abandoned his (and Kibakis) challenge that the 1997 elections had been rigged. Such that Raila then entered into 'cooperation' with Kanu and ultimately a merger. How many times after the election was Raila to be found in Gideons reception waiting for his weekend money. I will not say who else was found there but...

The real value in the molasses was never the plant itself. It has always been the land the plant is located on. All 600 nacres of it. Tell me one person who owns 600 acres in a municipal council? More so a City. What do you think is the value of the land? In fact Moi made Raila cooperate because he said he was going to disclose that no money had changed hands for the plant and that it was all a sham. Raila panicked because he had eaten the money Luos (as daft as they are)raised for HIM to buy something for HIMSELF (im a luo by the way). Incidentally, What does the molasses plant produce? In what quanities? Is that viable? How many people does it Employ and what percentage of the plant is functioning? Despite Luos having raised money for it the title is in the name guessed it. East african Spectre.

Nanga said...

Rubbish!! This is just politics. Chris, I am a Raila supporter and I am not offended by your post. But don't make this political. If Raila is corrupt, why then hasn't he been charged in a court of law? Why is it that these things never came out when Raila supported Kibaki in 2002? About the funds and the hummer, no one in ODM is forbidden from using the party to solicit for funds, even you Chris. All in all, Chris tell me today which politician (starting with Kibaki) is not corrupt and I will show you a cat that detests milk!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters,

I find this very interesting! But, to say the least, there's quite alot that most of us might not be aware of when it comes to issues concerning Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga per se.
Let me hereby refresh your memories a bit. For your information, there's a company known as Energem Resources Inc., that is registered in South Africa, and mainly deals in Oil, Gas, and other minerals (mainly, Diamonds, Gold etc.). This company has a Vice-Chairman known as Antonio 'Toni' Teixeira whom evidence has it that his daughgter by the name of Lilliane Teixeira is married to Jeanne Pierre Bembe (a rebel in the eastern DR Congo) who is currently charged in the ICC, Hague.
This company (Energem Resources Inc.) has 51% shares in the Spectre International and 55% shares in the Kisumu Molasses plant respectively.
Now, before changing its name to the above mentioned, they used to call their company DiamondWorks Ltd, and their history is something to note- they were involved in Angola (funding Jonas Savimbi's UNITA rebels) and, lately, they have been mentioned in various reports on the Siera Leonne war wherer they funded the RUF for mining rights in return!!! And, to make matters worse, this same company owns some shares in Luo Miming in Angola!!....can anyone tell me if there are Luos in Angola?! Who owns this company's share so as to go to the extent of using the name 'Luo'?!

Dear Brothers & Sisters, if you ever think i'm lying, then before saying anything just go to: and see what i'm telling you, and then go to: and see what i'm saying about Jeanne Pierre Bemba and Teixeira's daughter.

For today let me pause , i'll be back soon.

Thanx and God bless us all.


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