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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear Kenyan, What Legacy Would You Like To Leave Behind?

As much as we all have different political leanings and ideas on the way forward for Kenya, we all agree about one thing; that the country is in the mess it is in today because our fathers, mothers and uncles mostly decided to do nothing, through 40 years of misrule.

Alas, they had a good excuse, with the cold war that propped up murderous dictatorial governments in Africa opposing a government in those days was a sure death sentence.

But despite the fact that you and me are in a much better position to do a lot today, most Kenyans would rather not get involved. And that’s fine in fact it is your democratic right.

But consider the following; what legacy would you like to leave behind when your number is called out on a day nobody but your maker knows?

Is it…

He/she was a good law abiding citizen who stood aside and did nothing as their country went to the dogs.

Or would you like your grand children to and great grand children to fondly remember you thus…

He made a difference. He stood up for principals at a time when others had gotten terribly rich at the expense of the masses by having none.

He was a great Kenyan who made a difference.

History beckons. Your country needs you NOW more than ever before. The decision is yours.

If not you who, of not now when?

I can hear you say that you have children to educate and a family that you are responsible for. So do we all but I assume that you are educating your kids to live and work in foreign lands because if you and I do nothing now, there will soon be no Kenya left.

Please think about this deeply and forward this message to others as your first step in doing something.

For the love of the motherland,

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