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Monday, July 16, 2007

How Jaramogi Odinga Denied Kenya A Leadership Free Of Tribalism


Today's posts are all dedicated to the closest friend I ever had, the late Ger Nyanjom, whose life was brutally cut short before he could achieve his dreams. The man who shot him at point blank range in a Nairobi office and stole nothing in 2005 has never been arrested to this day. Circumstances point to the fact that my friend "G" as he was fondly known to those who were close to him, lost his life because he was a Luo (sorry, I can't give details).

Thank you "G" for being there for me when I was down and out. I will not rest until all the Luo propaganda, that has caused so much anguish to this community and which was partly to blame for your death, is reversed and all Kenyans reach a place where they understand and appreciate the Luo community as precious Kenyans whose contribution to our beloved motherland has always been downplayed and undermined. I dream that one day soon, a popular Luo president will be elected in Kenya and the electorate will not even notice that he is a Luo…

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in a moment of jealous rage denied Kenya the perfect non-tribal beginning she deserved and at the same time took away the presidency from his own Luo community and handed it over to another Kenyan community.

The spiritual implications of this action make it difficult for the community to win back the presidency that was there's in the first place but was given away and more so the man's son Raila, (who is as different from his father as light is to day). Something you give away to frustrate your own is not easy to get back.

This is what happened…

After some brilliant maneuverings by Tom Mboya that saw the number of Africa representatives in the Legco (Legislative Council—the parliament of the time) increased gradually, the young politician started his strange call; "Uhuru Sasa." Meaning independence now.

Most people though he was crazy, just like folks today think that Kumekucha is crazy with his idea of a new generation of younger leaders grabbing power in this year's general elections.

After a while it was clear that Independence was on the way and Tom Mboya was on course to be Kenya's first president. The older Odinga clearly saw this and was not happy. He knew that a vast majority of the voters in Mboya's Nairobi constituency belonged to the Kikuyu community and so one day Jaramogi Oginga Odinga stood up in parliament and made a very strange statement. He said that Kenyatta (jailed at Kapenguria and mostly forgotten) was "like a god to Kenyans" and before any discussions would be held about Kenya's independence, Kenyatta would have to be released. Mboya was in a fix. If he failed to support the release of Odinga, he would easily have eroded his entire political base overnight. So he was forced to be at the forefront of a new "release-Kenyatta now campaign" that brought the elderly anthropologist back to the political limelight.

The Jaramogi statement set in motion a chain of events that saw Kenyatta (who had been out of touch with the world which had changed so much since he was jailed in 1952) released in 1960 and he ended up as the first president of Kenya. Jaramogi not only denied his own tribes-mate the presidency (although there are those who say the Suba Luos of Rusinga Island—where Mboya hailed from are not proper Luos and are in fact Bantus rather than Nilotes) but he denied the country what many historians agree would have a brilliant presidency. The character and nature of Mboya would have created a totally different and non-tribal foundation for the young Kenyan nation, alas it was not to be.

But even sadder, the Luo community continues to suffer from a decision made by one of their own in a moment of jealous rage and envy.

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Are you a Kenyan? Do You love your country? Join in this noble campaign to change things. Do something instead of just complaining.

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