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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Iko Kitu

Have you noticed that those "strange comments" have disappeared since I raised the red flag in this blog and the quality of debate has gone two to three notches higher?

I am grateful that not all readers of this blog are insensitive. I put Kalamari and Taabu at the top of the list of the most sensitive readers to strange and often subtle moves by some who visit this blog religiously. Of course some of the innocent are helping their cause by making fun of the whole thing and now readers criticizing me warn; "you will probably call me a NSIS agent."

Still I know what I was talking about and I do have evidence to prove what I am saying. Probably the most telling remark is the one where this guy posed the question: "Chris did you expect not to raffle any feathers?"

Thank you my friends in helping me out in that one. But please let us stay very alert to those comments.

I take this opportunity to thank all those of you who said some nice words about this blog yesterday. However let me emphasize that I cannot take the credit for making this blog what it is. One comment clearly identified the fact that those Kenyans to whom this site is a daily staple have taken sides and are big fans of good people like Vikii (he is a man) Kalamari, Taabu, Phil, Luke (still busy admiring economic growth), derek (are they 2 these days?) etc. As I have said so often in the past (and I will never get tired of saying) those are the folks who make Kumekucha what it is and keep yours truly in check. If the ridiculous claim that this is a Raila blog were true, then it will be quite difficult for me to get my way with these good Kenyans around.

Now as a matter of interest, there is mounting evidence that Proud Kikuyu Woman (PKW) may NOT be a woman. Just read carefully through "her" comments and you will detect how "insensitive" they are to women some are downright sexist, if you ask me. I wish there was a way of proving gender online, because it is okay for somebody to call himself or herself anonymous but it makes me nervous that a man should want to pretend to be a woman.

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