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Friday, July 13, 2007

Kalonzo Musyoka And The Top Kenyan Who Failed Badly In A Recent Job Interview


Kenyans are renowned for their job interview skills.

In fact I have personally witnessed situations where Kenyans are so good at the job interview that they end up being disappointing at the actual job because they showed more promise than they actually possessed at the job interview. In the job market we refer to such candidates as "job interview professionals". So good at landing jobs, but hopeless when it comes to doing the actual work they landed a position to do.

The Mwingi North MP has sent an implication to a prospective employer for the position of CEO and recently in one of the interviews with his prospective employer he did what you never, EVER do at a job interview. He lost his temper. I once went to a job interview where the Italian executive did everything possible, and came very close to succeeding, in making me lose my temper. He made fun of my qualifications, mimicked something of the things I said in a comical jeering manner. Said things about my upbringing etc. I somehow kept my cool—and two days later when I was sure I was out of contention for the very competitive race for that marketing post, I received a telephone call that gave me the nod for the job and I was asked to report the next day.

I do not want to hurt any Kalonzo Musyoka die-hards here, but kindly allow me to show you something, because for better or for worse, you who is reading this is in the panel of decision makers who will finally seal the fate of the North Mwingi MP and decide whether he will land the job or not. You are much more powerful and have a bigger say in this matter than any ODM so-called panel of so-called elders.

So candidate Musyoka was standing in front his prospective employers and he lost his temper. Somebody pointed out to me quite rightly that if Mr Musyoka was already the president, a large section of that crowd would now be in police custody and maybe some of them would be dead. In retrospect, what would he have done faced with such a hostile mob?

There are several options. Firstly he would have called their bluff and used two words to instantly change the mood. The two words; "Raila Tosha." Or alternatively, "Nyundo Tosha." That would have instantly changed the mood of the rowdy mob and they would have instantly started listening to him. He would then have carefully steered the crowd in his direction. And the funny thing is that any well-read person of Mr Musyoka's caliber would tell you that politicians have been faced with this kind of challenge for centuries and I can give numerous examples.

Mt Musyoka has obviously not read William Shakespeare's political classic, Julius Caesar. In the play, Mark Anthony a close friend of the assassinated Julius Caesar is given a chance to speak at his funeral to a crowd that is already charged against the dead Caesar and his perceived dictatorial tendencies. He starts off by telling the crowd that he did not come to praise Caesar but to bury him. This is a refrain that he repeats often as he does the very opposite of it and works the crowd into such a frenzy of emotion and sympathy for the dead Caesar that the plotters have to flee leaving the mantle to Mark Anthony.

William Ruto on the other hand, whom most consider to be much more inferior to Kalonzo in terms of seniority spoke after Kalonzo had already handed over the microphone in frustration and did a much better job. He used the strategy that I have just talked about but went on to tell the crowd that incase they made the decision for a younger person, then the man to pick should be William "YK92" Ruto.

Make no mistake about it, the next CEO of the enterprise called "Kenya" will need to be somebody who thinks quickly on their feet and this is a key attribute and quality that is required. On that score the Mwingi North MP failed miserably.

Interestingly, the decision to hold the meeting in Mombasa was made because of Mr Musyoka who rejected the first choice—Uhuru park in Nairobi (probably fearing that he would meet the fate of one Simoen Nyachae) who could not believe his ears when Raila said those magical words; "Kibaki tosha," effectively deciding the third presidency. He also rejected the second suggestion—Nakuru but probably calculated that Mombasa has a huge enough population of his Akamba tribesmen to ensure that all would go well. But apparently his worst nightmare came true.

Many Kenyans don't realize it, but the more the squabbles continue within ODM, the more the party is being weakened. And it seems that every time they come close to an agreement on anything there is one dissenter and hundreds of decisions have to be made to concede to the wishes of that one person.

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Are you a Kenyan? Do You love your country? Join in this noble campaign to change things. Do something instead of just complaining.

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