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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

David Mwiraria's Return To The Cabinet

The Message That The President Is Sending Forth Is That Anglo Leasing NEVER Happened

The words on the Anglo Leasing tapes are still pretty clear on the minds of many Kenyans.

"I will use my own way…" Mwiraria said audibly meaning that he would use his own way to get to the bottom of the identity of the shadowy figures said to have embezzled and then allegedly wired back huge amounts of funds to the Central Bank. Actually billions of it.

Now the man who was also heard saying in the same Githongo tape that if they were not careful, this was something that could easily bring down the Kibaki government, seems to have had his "own way" and like his tribes-mate, Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi, has bounced back into the Kibaki cabinet ahead of the general elections.

Even more interesting is the fact that not too long ago, first lady Lucy Kibaki told a meeting in Meru that she did not know exactly how to address Mwiraria, whether to call him MP or Minister, because he was going to be back in the cabinet pretty soon. And that is exactly what has happened. Meru men's views on women are well known and for sure Mwiraria's political opponents on the ground will be asking the question loudly in front of voters; who really re-appointed Mwiraria? Very petty and silly but the sort of question that can carry tens of thousands of votes in areas like Meru and Kisii to mention the most notoriously gender insensitive areas in the country.

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