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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crime Has Now Dropped To Historically Low Levels: Police Commissioner Says

It is indeed true that figures can be used to prove anything.

A few hours ago, the police Commissioner Major General Ali called a press conference to report that due to concerted efforts by his officers, crime has now gone down to a level last witnessed 2 years ago.

I leave it to Kenyans on the ground to pass a verdict over that allegation. However there is one very important consideration the commissioner missed. The fact that Kenyans have lost faith in the police so much so that they no longer bother to report serious crime. This is what has brought down the figures so dramatically. And the way things are going those figures are set to drop even further.

What an achievement!! Hey, Luke, my brother here is something else to admire other than the greatly improved economy.

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1 comment:

coldtusker said...

ROFLMAO... well, (really) crying... Erm, how many murders/beheadings did we have in the past 3 months?

Surely, crime also has to do with the intensity i.e. a murder counts for more than a mugging?


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