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Monday, July 30, 2007

Dr David Awuor's Nairobi Press Conference On Earthquakes Gets Press Blackout

I often wonder would happen if Kumekucha called a press conference in Nairobi to reveal his true identity. Would most of the press ignore the summons or would it be packed? Will we ever find out? Only God knows.

Dr Awuor

There was a time when Dr David Awuor's press conferences would hardly attract a single journalist. What would you expect from a man who says he is a prophet God speaks to? Well, yesterday when he called a press conference, the place was packed with every media house you can think of as well as plenty of curious Kenyans.

They all wanted to hear the latest from "Upstairs" concerning the Nairobi earthquakes. The man did not disappoint and dived straight into the topic. But today newspapers all ignored the story. Only Kenya Times gave the prophet a photograph on page one and a major story on page 3 (Read their story) although in the same article they carried a strong warning from Catholic Bishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki urging Kenyans to be wary of such doomsday messages.

The other daily newspapers completely ignored the story or hid it in inside pages where forensic skills are required to find it.

The appearance of Dr Awuor complete with a long plaited beard may have been one of the things that put off many city editors. Not to mention the panic that has already been caused amongst those who work in the many highrise buildings in Nairobi's Central Business district and it's environs.

Awuor this time said that the minor quakes were a warning from God for Kenyans to repent. The vices that he says have annoyed God are sexual immorality, witchcraft, prostitution idolatry and a new one that took many people by surprise. And that is the mass exodus in the run up to these elections from church to politics by many well-known so-called servants of God. He pointed out that the reason for this exodus was related to the failure o church leaders to play their role of moral guidance to society and had instead opted for material wealth. There is no doubt that the job of MP is the most admired career as well as the most popular get-rich quick scheme in the eyes of many Kenyans. What with the close to a million shillings monthly take home as well as a long list of privileges that have turned around many lives of MPs who arrived in the house as paupers and now lead very different lives.

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