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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moism Without Moi


If you are keen enough you will see of late the kind of initiatives the Kibaki administration is laying out in an effort to “upgrade” the livelihood of the people.

Notably I wish to cite the Thika road, the roads ministry has proved to be a true disciple of Macadam the father of tarmac roads by showcasing a dazzling repair works, scraping and filling pot hills and potholes respectively.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, developmental projects have become the order of the day, employing close to a million Kenyans directly or indirectly surpassing their election pledge of 500,000 jobs yearly. But hey there is a catch this being an election year according to Kenya ’s political calendar which is meant to signify political sunset for the unlucky politicians and political groupings (parties). Therefore no prizes offered for guessing why the current generosity and sweet talking (read bribery). This is no different from Moi’s era only that the package is different (size and/or type) hence the warning by Ngugi wa Thiongo “ MOISIM without MOI” ; he had a taste of his own medicine when his homecoming was frustrated.

The current Kenya ’s situation , the deepening of neo-liberal economic fundamentalism represents the most threatening stage of human development: It may even be interpreted as the apex of the patriarchal and capitalistic exchange economy, with cynical self-interest at its ideological core. This is a moment in history when the gifts of the many, of the land, of nature, the caregivers in homes, hospitals and educational institutions are not only being taken for granted but exploited and appropriated to serve the people in exchange of their votes.

Thus when Karl Marx analysed religion as the “opium of the oppressed” as an attempt to ameliorate the suffering resulting from economic exploitation and inequality by the comforting myth of an afterlife in which, according to the Christian tradition at least, the first will be last and the last will be first and the meek will inherit the earth, one can interpreted Kibaki’s government policy as an Illusion or psychotic fantasy by which the ego seeks to deny the reality of poverty levels in Kenya (position153 Human Poverty Index) over taxation ,high bribery index are the order of the day which regardless of economic status, is an inescapable facet of the human condition.

Kenyans I dare you to make a mistake and re elect Kibaki on whichever party for this will mark the end of honeymoon and usher a new era of TM diet, remember he was Moi’s best no 1 student only that he graduated early - he grasped better than others . Look at the Daudi Mwiraria’s comeback its just like the Nicholas Biwott’s come back in the early 90’ s after the Ouko saga. Plus the old man is consulting Moi a lot… kibaki is a rightists and guards status quo jealously.

This is to my fellow youth come December lets not only vote with our conscience but good intelligence "Let us do what we must do. And let us do it so well that when we are done, they may look and cry out... Lo and Behold! They have done such a great job and look at how young they are!!"

Guest post by M.S.K.

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