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Sunday, July 29, 2007

About Kumekucha And The PKW Saga

Thank you guys for being real. I am not perfect and I openly accept criticism. There is a huge difference between criticism and vulgar abuse that says nothing but call somebody names (which I have also tolerated a lot of here).

And yes, I am human and I showed a lot of that human part yesterday and shared a little of my life with all you nice guys out there who I consider to be my best friends.

However the issue between me and PKW is not about emotions. When I come here, I leave my emotions at home. How many comments do you think I would have deleted if I came here emotionally? Some comments you good people have even begged me to delete and I haven't. Because anybody can say anything here without fear, except abuse the intelligence of others—I'm going to be very tough on that one and that's why I made a point yesterday.

There is a lot I cannot tell you guys now, but stick with me over the next few days starting on Monday and you will read it between the lines. (I will not say it directly, but I will give enough hints).

Just remember that my chief motive here is to change the leadership in Kenya for better and this naturally attracts many paid hands out to sidetrack and cause mischief amongst us. Some of them are people we consider friends of this blog. But they are something else, I can assure you.

It is important that others are able to have open debate about issues without hidden agendas. That is what I am striving very hard for here. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with supporting Kibaki for re-election here, that is your democratic right. But openly tell us so and argue your points with intelligence, avoiding abusive language and we will just get along fine.

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